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  1. Had the tent during the reenacting days and it saw a lot of sierra NV & Great Basin desert use- warm and wind proof! The stove's ring was a separate unattached piece with 'L' shaped legs, flat on top and slightly angled verticals too match the stove's sloped wall. One could be made from the decorative pass through wall covers.
  2. You might check www.sarcoinc.com they promote their Rhodesian utilities and even if the cammo colors are wrong, they should be usable for pattern making. Since you're starting from scratch in this, also consider making the pockets angle 5-10o off. They will still look right but won't pass muster as genuine.
  3. ,,,and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. Tom
  4. I have one of these, tent only in good shape. The weight of it seems excessive, but its Air Corps. Is there any data, specs etc on line for it? I've looked off and on without any success.
  5. That seems to be true. With all the latest tech advances and built in editing capabilities on cameras, the trend? seems to be moving away from night vision (as we knew it) to reverse field & FLIR and variants imaging. Also nice to know if what's on hand that has other uses.
  6. Could you tell the brand etc that as used. Changing tech and capabilities drives the question. Remember it was just a few years ago that FLIR was an option on several civilian vehicles? Thanks, Tom
  7. I've been watching your work for a while now, it just keeps getting better! Thank you or sharing it! Tom
  8. Device is inflated by a breath tube (works) and CO2 pull lanyard. Original CO2 cartridge is intact and not punctured. Vest overall measures 48 in x 9 in. Bladder overall is 46 in x 6 in. attaches to vest? by 7 snaps. The device has a permanent heavy secured cord holding it closed. Notes: Would be ground shipped due to unexpended CO2 cartridge. See pictures. Only markings are Japanese or Chinese on top of cartridge trigger mechanism. See pictures. Vest is rubberized yellow material Any help identifying this beast is appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  9. Are looking for a reproduction or original? I'm selling off my collection of pre-WWI post WWII hats. Some are in great shape with cords to beaters in need of repairs.
  10. Thanks for the info & picture. I used both versions when playing in the desert years ago, got away from them for a while and for some reason body contours seem to have changed. As I recall, the M3 had a small pamphlet (1/2 page folded) describing more how to wear rather than the M7's how to adjust and wear. Thanks for the help guys. Tom
  11. I'm looking for copies of how to adjust, wear and use the M3 and M7 'shoulder holsters' pamphlets that came with them. It seems like this was posted in the forums a while back but I can't located them now. Prob just asking the question wrong! Thanks in advance, Tom
  12. ...another $0.02 here. Gil's relating of the 30-40 round with an 'X' carved into it shows up in writings every so often, Did US troops use such things? I suspect the answer is YES. This would apply to pistol rounds more than rifle though. Lessons learned from the Brits and most recently in the Philippines to get any edge would have been passed on and used by a soldier determined to get home alive. The question becomes How or if the command monitored returned issued ammo for possible enhancements? The only way to answer that is to find company records of Court Martialed individual and the c
  13. Thanks everyone for the posts and comments, as they are all start points for researching the Border War & Punitive Expedition. The 'soldier talk' probably has more truth to it than most would care to admit. Personally, soldier talk and its naval counter part scuttlebutt have more truth and hav insights into history and traditions that have been lost to time. Thanks all for posting. ...and the reminder that the centenial is truely around the corner. As PC as thing are, and becoming, it will be interesting to see if there is any mention of this bit of history, or any observations of it.
  14. Any ideas on what magazine it was in? I've checked on various image search engines without any luck. Whre it was last published will probably help ingetting the info. Tom
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