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  1. Great group !!!!! army dagger grip sure looks ivory to me , is the blade engraved?
  2. Thanks so much for the positive comments on the mask , glad i asked to see the gas mask lol
  3. Picked this up yesterday a friend of mine got a box of ww1 helmets at a auction and and brought them over , said he got some broken gas mask also so i asked to look and this was what was in the bottom of the box, its really dry but most of its present with a extra can.
  4. Thanks for the help on the wings thanks for all your imput.
  5. picked this up a couple days ago notmarke3d sterling and the pin does not open all the way figured it was worth a shinola , normally really careful around these but they were cheap. Thanks for any help i can get.
  6. Thanks all for the positive comments , Have a Merry Christmas!
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