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  1. Hi, Here's another one. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/338625-dui-china-burma-india-theater-cbi-unknown-producermarking/ Best regards Philipp
  2. Thank you, MikeK and tredhed2. I appreciate your support! Best regards Philipp
  3. Gentlemen, Could you please help me to ID the producer of this pinback DUI. It's HM and a crown above. Does the crown mean british made? The surface is not well made - very bumpy and craggy. Thanks for your support Best regards Philipp
  4. Hi Olivier, FR = French - that makes sense. Hence, to summarize: DR-8-A: post war DR-8-A FR: post war DR-4: WW2 Correct? Thanks Philipp
  5. Thanks phantomfixer! You mean the whole drum DR-8-A is post war, not only the wire? Hence, Drum DR-8-A: post war Drum DR-8-A FR: ww2 Drum DR4: ww2 Did I understand that correctly?
  6. Gentlemen, I saved these 4 cable drums from a recycling site. I assume that they are all dated of the ww2 era. However, as to the cables themselves, I do believe that the only one from ww2 era is the black one with textile cable coating. The brown and golden cables look to me as plastic coating from a later date. Is that correct? Thanks for your feedback. Best regards Philipp
  7. Wow that was fast! Thank you Allan!! Good news!
  8. Here are pics of the label and of the 2 crests. Best regards Philipp
  9. Hi all, I got this officer's class A jacket. The collar insignia doesn't fit since it's for NCOs, correct? Also I think that the 2 DUI's, West Point and China, Burma, India are not well positioned... Is it possible to say which age this jacket is from? Maybe the labels helps to determine that. ln which era was that label used? I'd like to refurbish this jacket again despite the awful state. Do you have any suggestions? I'd appreciate your support! Philipp
  10. Bummer! Thanks for the clarification!
  11. Hi Charlie, Thanks a lot for your feedback! That's great information! Could it be that the black handle was mounted at a later date e.g. for the purpose of reactivation or do you think that the machete is a genuine version? Maybe somebody else can shed light on that? Feel free to give your opinion. Thanks Philipp
  12. Hi all, I recently got this machete. Unfortunately, rust has destroyed all markings if there weren't any. The handle reminds me of US machetes though. I did some research in this forum and it looks like a shortened Collins & Co. Legitimus machete. However, I'm not at all familiar with machetes. The machete is about 16 inches long and the blade measures 10.5 inches. What's your opinion? Thanks and best regards Philipp
  13. Hi Mike, No, there isn't anything. Could the front insignia be the one of the 5th Infantry Division? Best regards Philipp
  14. Hi all, I got this helmet. It's a 1943 McCord (419C) with a liner from Firestone Tire & Rubber Company. It's clear that the helmet was repainted post war. Does anybody know to which units the 2 insignias could have belonged to? I see a huge hatchment / blazon on the side and a red / brownish diamond on the front. I know they are only poor remains but maybe somebody has got an idea anyway. Also what about the remains of the blue painting on the liner and on the helmet? The helmet was bought in Germany. Would be great to get your feedback Thanks Philipp
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