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  1. This brass ash tray / plate was found in the footlocker of a man who served in the Med during WWII. I am not thinking it is a period bringback as it looks like a 1950s tourist piece. Does anyone know this piece at all? Thank you in advance.
  2. My assumption is that this is a civilian issue piece, however it was in a 1960s US Army grouping I picked up years ago. Does anyone know this brand, and if it is 1960s or 1970s? Thank you in advance.
  3. Found it! Stateside Unit Training grounds..."Tigerland."
  4. Hello, everyone. I was going through a large Vietnam 4th Inf/ 75th Rangers / 58th Inf LRRP grouping that I will be putting up for sale at some point and found 3 of these DUIs attached to a scrapbook. I'm not very knowledgeable at DUI identification, so does anyone out there know what unit this is? Thank you for your time in advance. Ken
  5. This is one of my favorite groupings that I have finally pulled out of storage and decided to put on display. This is the uniform grouping belonging to private Emmett Earl Wood who enlisted 20 January 1909 in the United States Marine Corps. He was a Gunner and Sergeant of the Guard as a Private on the USS Washington Armored Cruiser ACR 11. Reading through his muster rolls he had quite a propensity for marksmanship, receiving several monetary prizes from the Marine Corps. That didn't keep him out of trouble however. In May of 1910 he was noted for showing insolence to the Corporal of the Guard
  6. Talk about a "duh" moment- I didn't even bother running the data plate numbers. Thank you for the suggestion. Contract no. w535AC-22713 serial number 79857. It seems this Sperry built Gyro Horizon Indicator was quite ubiquitous on the large frame bombers of the era. I'm still trying to narrow it down, but may not be able to...we'll see. Glad to have it though. Thanks again, Ken
  7. This is my first instrumentation purchase and it looks like a large airframe piece. Dated May 28, 1943 is there any way to distinguish for certain the type of plane it was used on? It ssems to match Fortress panel photos, but I am unsure. Thank you in advance for any help.
  8. Thank you very much for the info... didn't want the BATF placing me on some strange list if I attempted to get these in some other collectors hands.
  9. These were at the bottom of a box I purchased at an auction. I know nothing about ordnance. Are these sellable pieces or are they toss them into the pile of militaria that I just hate to get rid of?
  10. Hey, folks. I just picked this CWU-45P flight jacket up at a thrift shop and am trying to ID the 5.5" diamond ssi on the arm. I figure from there, the rest of the insignia should fall into place (command patch). Any guesses on that diamond patch? Thank you in advance! Ken
  11. The wear looks like everything I would expect on a period piece. The octobug is creepy, but you figure if a guy is out in the bush, why not? Looks like a great salty rig. As for it being a Marmac, is there a day noted for the contract date on it? Marmac made over 10 contracts of liners in the 1960s and early 1970s- just wondering about the day- if it is 6, 8, or 25 June?
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