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  1. Then it almost assuredly US produced. Larry
  2. Is there a manufacturer's name on the interior lining? If not this might be a Dutch or Belgian postwar helmet. Larry
  3. That is a super nice Navy pot, would be proud to have that in my collection !! Larry
  4. Nice job Scott, some choice pots on display!!! Larry
  5. Could be a radio antenna from a pack radio on the man behind him. The thingy on the top front of his helmet is maybe just a loose piece of the tape used on his camo cover. Larry
  6. Some super pots in there, very nice collection! Larry
  7. That might be a QMC2 tank training helmet. If so it be stamped on the exterior back of the the helmet QMC2. Larry
  8. I have seen photos of USMC gunners using using the phone-talkers helmet in beach emplacements. Maybe repainted for that purpose? Larry
  9. Any identification on this photo, name, unit, date, etc. Is this copyrighted or can I use it ? Larry
  10. There is no gun present on this M1917 Light Tank. What you see is the armored cover to protect the barrel of the MG. The holes in the top are to let heat escape from the barrel when firing. The helmets are not 'Chaffee" helmets, that is an incorrect appellation attached by collectors in the 1950's - 1960's who did not know what to call the helmet. The correct name is ' 1919 Pattern, Helmet, Tank'. Larry
  11. To my knowledge there are no known examples of the AEF Type Tank Helmet in existence. There is one known example of the Type-15 Experimental Tank Helmet in the collection of the center for Military History in Carlyle, PA. which has, unfortunately, lost it's foamed rubber bumper ring. The helmet shown as Italian, and which gave JAG and I so many sleepless nights, is in my opinion an Italian miners helmet. I have been through the Patton Papers and the light tank unit after-action reports and nowhere is there any mention of tank helmets. If I were to guess I would say that Patton or a membe
  12. Absolutely gorgeous D-Day helmet !!! Larry
  13. Repro, a good repro but still a repro. Larry
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