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  1. Dean, This is an amazing find!! Spectacular addition to a superb collection, many congratulations on finding this one!
  2. Okie96, your advice has sparked me to reconsider liquidating everything else in my collection and keeping the lids. I know i was very fortunate and had a good eye, so maybe i should think on it for a few days, and sell my uniforms off instead, it would be hard to find 4 like this the next time i entered and I like this idea the more i type. Thank you my FRIEND. The Hawley i have had for a few years but the other 3 yes, the last few months have been mighty dandy.
  3. After lots of soul searching the last few weeks, I have decided to go back to school and try purchase my first home. This being the case the collection will have to be put on hold for now, and I would like to see these helmets go to people that love and appreciate them as i have, even if it was ever so briefly. I will be listing these soon and wanted everyone to know, who commented to keep an eye out.! Thank you collecting friends for a great many years.
  4. Thank you Mike and Bugme, you guys have provided me more information about these beauties. I was nervous it was something bad, anxiety i tell ya what, but you guys have given me such a lift. I am younger collecting so to see people with so many posts, tell me such great things, i love it. This hobby is great and i thank both you gentlemen.
  5. A period net that was put on a after the war? PM has been sent.
  6. A period net that was put on a after the war?
  7. Bugme, i am sorry i have incorrectly set some of these up hahahaha, they are beautiful stands. Good thing too because i am about to donate one i own to museum in the near future. Happy it will be correct.
  8. It did not last long as Nickman983 had said, i have acquired two more beautiful and complete, WWII helmets. I would love to hear your guys opinions and thoughts on them. Was not able to take the helmets apart from the liners as it was requiring greater force than i wanted to use on them, at this time. Please do view them. I have a USMC covered M1 and a netted M1 for your viewing, and any info or thoughts provided, i will greatly appreciate:) First up: M1 Netted, i notice a black buckle, not sure about the black. any info appreciated.
  9. AustinO, that is a real swell compliment. Thank you very much brother! almost a compliment a man takes a hard time to believe. But bless you!!
  10. Thank you gentlemen, your kind words are making me even more excited about this as people with more expertise than me. As far as multiplying i do believe it because i am hunting for #3 now!
  11. Rooster77 MANY Thanks to you. Kind words appreciated and yes, i believe. Is one beautiful lid.
  12. My assumption was it has something to do with the man being on a ship, i am going to do more research into this. Thanks to you both
  13. Thank you, you know im not entirely sure. Was hoping i could get some help on here about that. Maybe it said something that faded, i am not sure about the buckle deals in the back. I believe it to be all original and i think it is just unique. Any help or information by people with vaster knowledge i would surely appreciate.
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