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  1. Another perspective - I’ve had two of these in separate USN WW2 USN groups over the years. One was well worn and faded to almost white, one was near unworn. Neither had ever had zippers installed, neither ever had insignia, other wise identical to this example. It’s not far fetched that they were privately purchased and one of the groups was to a seaman with prewar merchant service. However they were acquired, the certainly saw USN wear .
  2. I never in my wildest dreams believed I’d someday see an identical example.
  3. This set of wings belonged to and was worn by my dad; he was a flight engineer on B-17’s and served in the 7th and 19th Bomb Groups in The Philippines, Java and Australia in 1942. He later served in the 388th Bomb Group in 44-45 and was a POW INNStalag Luft IV.
  4. The Polar Bear insignia with the raised head was used by the Brits after their involvement in Iceland. I also doubt this is original to the overcoat.
  5. The second piece is a USN medical corps device worn by officers assigned to USMC units. Such personnel may wear USMC uniforms while on such assignment.
  6. Sophisticated guess that the lower left is meant to represent the Merchant Marine Combat bar.
  7. I’m unable to download the photo at the moment, but Mitchell Paige wore 3/8 ribbons ( American Defense, China Service and MC Expeditionary) on his Aussie battle jacket when he was awarded the Medal of Honor in Australia after Guadalcanal.
  8. Ignore the last, just noted the hanging belt.
  9. Aviation Cadet, also note the false belted waist.
  10. I just found a post on this jacket from a previous owner. Massachusetts Nautical School.
  11. Can anyone ID this rate. Its on WW1 style officers jacket, plain anchors on collar, and I assume worn in the 30s based on a Wendell Wilkie political button found in the inside pocket. I assume a cadet of some sort but from where?
  12. I have two originals, this matches both in all details.
  13. The darkened insignia for both officers and CPO’s were used on forest green uniforms by naval personnel attached to USMC formations, primarily (but not limited to ) medical corps members.
  14. Perhaps USMC? I have several pair of earlier forest green trousers with the same detail on the pocket.
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