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    8th USAAF uniforms & flight gear.
    restoring my uniforms 1967-71.
    older NASCAR die cast.
  1. on the subject of the Belgain Fourragere awarded to the AAF, on which shoulder should it be worn? I have seen pictures of it either way. I recently purchased an Ike jacket that has it on the right, need clairification please. thanks Terry
  2. Dan, you have a great collection!!! I also collect WW2 & Korea flight clothing, you have answered some of my questions with your great pictures. I was wondering what the heck flight trouser inner meant on the E-1A? is it meant to be worn under the flight suit? it's the only label I've seen that says "inner". Glad I found you, this is a big help to me! Thanks Terry
  3. I have ventured from USAAF clothing into the "blue" clothing, post war through Korea. I have questions on how some of this clothing was worn, like for example the A-11C flight trousers, they worn over a flight suit correct? and the A-1A flying shirt was worn with what? I have a pair of E-1A blue" flight trousers inner" these were inner to what? they are padded in the knees & seat. Any vets or knowledgeable collectors please give me some advice, I have a lot more questions! Thanks! Terry
  4. I have located a man who makes the black on green ranks & tapes of the Vietnam era, $25 a pair for rank & $20 a set for the tapes. go to booniepup@in-countrypatches.com ask for Jeff.
  5. determination is the key!! grats!!
  6. Great idea! I just need the space to do it in!
  7. Oh yeah, forgot to say that the American defense medal was only issued up to 12/7/41, my reenactment troop was drafted after Pearl Harbor, so American Campaign is correct for me.
  8. hey Pat yeah, I'm a geezer, 64 & counting. I have a friend that got me interested in the WWII uniforms, always wished I had been in a B-17, hence the forum nane. I started reserecting my old uniforms for reunions & decided to get some old ones fixed up also. I was AF 1967-71, was in U-Tapao Thailand with the B-52's, but missed the big show. I got out & was back on the farm during Linebacker II. I'm adding the WWII victory ribbon to this jacket & making another replicating active in theater service with just what a troop would have had at the time including the blue cloth under the wings indicating active combat duty. I'm enjoying myself & learning how to sew stripes again.. I talk the wife into some of the easier ones with her machine though. She still thinks I'm nuts but it keeps me out of the bars!
  9. DRAT!! I see I have the Europen & American ribbons switched.............I think personally it should be as I have it though!
  10. very nice! I'm working on a later version with F-3 suit. Can't find the felt shoes & liners, did snag a bargain on a flak jacket, hunt for reasonable parachute harness is still in progress.
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