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  1. Some great stuff in this thread ! anyone know how to find out a service record ? I have a fully badged 3rd pattern poplin Jungle Jacket from SFC Thomas Aaron Fisher 25th inf div, previous combat tour with 1st Air Cav and also his Class A tunic with full insignia DUI to 1st bn 9th infantry Manchu's, side cap and peaked cap. I will post some pictures soon, O know he started out PFC Thomas A Fisher, Visual combat tracker and did 18 ish months in Vietnam !st Air Cav then 25th inf div, anyone remember him ?
  2. Wow ! Are all those footlockers full too and what date has the Mermite food carrier got ? Pete
  3. What great finds and really cheap too ! don't come across stuff like that in the UK
  4. Thanks for the replies guys it helps me out a lot ! I have a Undress Blue jumper from a member of SEAL Team One, that is fully badged but I wasn't sure weather or not this would have worn the Trident,wings and ribbons ! Regards Pete
  5. Hi all ! looking for advise regarding the US Navy Enlisted Mans undress blue jumper during the Vietnam war , specifically the regulations of wearing of ribbons and qualification badges. I know that the dress blue jumper wore the decorations in either ribbons on the left chest or medals on the left chest and ribbons on the right. Not sure whether the undress jumper did wear decorations? Cheers Pete
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