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  1. Beautiful grouping you have there! I'll send you a PM.
  2. Thanks for the info Rob! I am actually from here in iowa so I bet you found our guy! Shirt still makes me wonder too. Thanks!
  3. Very interesting! Thanks for all the info. Do you guess the name tapes were done stateside or overseas? As always you guys are the best.
  4. Hello! I have had these in my collection for a few years and have always wondered about the name tapes on the wrong side of one jacket and also a (WW2?) shirt too. Anybody seen this before? I also noticed on the shirt there is a "badge" imprint on the back of the shirt. Never seen that before either. Thanks for any answers in advance!
  5. Howdy all, About to pull the trigger on this hat and was just wondering if anybody could ID the DUI/Crest and the band. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you so much. I found a pinned topic on ww1 mittens and still no luck!
  7. Just picked these up today and was wondering if anyone had seen these mittens before? Was told they were WW1 era. Haven't had any luck on the ribbons either. Thanks in advance!
  8. Howdy! Pretty interesting lot I found at a estate sale here in iowa a couple months ago (sorry just getting to posting now) found a few items that I normally don't see around here including a WW2/Korea era parka in the best shape I've ever seen, 2 M-1950 winter undershirts and 3 flannel "stand up collar" shirts 2 of which still have the tags! Sadly couldn't snag the dress uniform since the family wanted to keep it ;( Anybody else have any luck with estate sales recently? -John
  9. Howdy! Found these ribbons at an antique store near me and thought I recognized the middle ribbons as WW1 victory ribbons so I rolled the dice on them. hour worth of research has found nothing. Any idea what these actually are? p.s hope this is the correct place to post this its been a few years lol. Thanks!
  10. Ok thanks. Is there any way to find out what medals he was awarded and what unit he was with?
  11. First off sorry if this is the wrong section, i am looking for information on Lyle E Wortman Sr he served in the korean war but that is all i know, hope this is a enough info. Thanks John.
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