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  1. I think Steve B. is correct in that they wore standard U.S. Army uniforms - khakis or wools depending on the season and location. In addition to that some obviously appear to have worn the "MP" arm band and maybe a nightstick as seen in one of the photos from an album I got from a prisoner of war camp in McAlester, Oklahoma. In some of the other pictures in the album I note the camp even had a bowling alley and swimming pool built for the prisoners.
  2. aznation

    Any Ideas

    Yellow sun against blue background is 40th Infantry Division
  3. Hi Simon, That's a fairly common name which doesn't help but I also looked and wasn't able to find any newspaper articles about him no any record of him being wounded or in the hospital. I did find this information though in Fold3. WWII Draft Registration Card
  4. SCORE! You can't beat free, that's for sure. The display looks great so far. Congrats!
  5. That's a really nice photograph. I like the fact that they included vehicles and weapons in the photo as well. Thank you for sharing that with us.
  6. You're very welcome.
  7. Hope this helps. Thanks...Matt Go to the main Forum screen and under the Activity tab click on Search over to the right where the little hand is pointing. That should take you over to the next screen. On the next screen click on Member Search tab, just to the right of Content Search tab. That should take you over to the next screen, where you can search for a particular Member if you know the name. Just can enter the name where it shows Search Term. IF you don't know the name, you can scroll to the bottom of that screen and click on the Search Members button, where the little hand is pointing. which will bring up the next screen. I believe once here, you'd just have to scroll through the members which would obviously take awhile.
  8. You're welcome Dave. Yes, the other name is William's Mother and her address. Too bad he died so young. Poor guy indeed. Matt
  9. Super neat and the pistol looks to be in wonderful shape. In fact, so does the accompanying material. You made a good decision to pick that one up for sure. Congrats!
  10. You're welcome speeder3. That would be neat if there's a family connection and there are descendants in your area. You'll have to update us if that bears out. Good Luck Brian! -- Matt
  11. You are correct about William Cato Epps being a POW. He was a B-17 pilot with the 15th Air Force, 301st Group, 32nd Squadron and his plane was attacked on 25 Feb 1944 by fighters and crashed. Lt. Epps and all his crew were taken prisoner.
  12. You're welcome. Glad I could help. Have a great day! 😀
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