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  1. I've noticed the Fultonhistory.com website has been inaccessible in the recent past up to today. http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html Does anyone know if something has happened to the website or is anyone else having trouble going to that site? It was very useful in getting newspaper articles on people from the northeast area and a lot of those articles aren't available anywhere else, like Newspapers.com or NewspaperArchives.com. Thanks...Matt
  2. That's right, you don't see too many of those. Congrats, that's a really nice looking one.
  3. Thank you Randy for the clarification which totally makes sense. I appreciate it. -- Matt
  4. The 4432nd Air Transport Squadron was stationed at Wendover AFB, UT up until about the time TAC closed there in the fall of 1958. After that they appear to have operated out of Chanute AFB, Illinois. Their call sign was "SAM", and that goes with what your lighter has on it, that is, Special Air Missions. They provided aircraft to transport to Continental Army Commanders and their staffs and many civilian dignitaries at their invitation. Below are some newspaper articles and other information that might help. Thanks...Matt
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