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  1. It's amazing to think that a veteran take this souvenir with him when we think that theses mans are at the begin of the batle the June 6 ..
  2. Hello, Thanks for theses informations, i never see the first pattern in the french army surplus i've seen Fab
  3. Hello Just for information here they are informations about the soldier HAROLD A THOMAS ID : 11038495 Regards
  4. Hello, Thank you so much !!! My friend will be very happy ! Fab
  5. Hello Dave, Mike, I've tryed to find a picture of the 26th Obs Group DI but i dont found. i've asked my friend for having name and ID Tag of this soldier. I'll go back with theses informations. Thanks for your help ! Fabien
  6. Hello, A friend try to complete a jacket named from an USAAF Soldier. He search to be sure about the crest on the cap. The soldier look to be at 101st bombardment / photographic Squadron or 39th Observation Squadron but we are not shure that the crest is really linked to theses units. Did you know this crest ? Thanks ! Fabien A picture of the soldier :
  7. Hello, No problem admin could delete my post. I just try to answer to the initial subject. This Line come from French army yes, have you got a US line for seing us sewing pattern maybe ? I'm intrested to understand the difference ? Fab
  8. Hello, I've got this static line for sale (With or without the hook) if you could be intrested. The color is a green washed but it was a good WW2 Static Line. I could measure this if you want, i think it was used for cargo delivery. I've got same king cutted on the other side on White webb if you prefer ..
  9. Thanks Mattsmilitary, I've bought this bag there is some years at Manion's house with ww2 us equipments but i don't know the history of this bag. The only think who i'm shure it's thats not a French bag. If someone have other information i will be very happy to listen him Fabien
  10. Hello, I've got this radio bag and i don't know for how kind of radio is it .. and the period of use. Have you got an idea ? Thanks Fab
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