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  1. Here is a photo of 345th birds Jeanie and Lenore VI. My father belly landed Lenore VI with a frozen prop. Do you have another image of Jeanie? Do you have any other 350th photos?
  2. Here is Jeannie II at Elmas. Pilot on the left is 346th Ivan Behel, Armorer in the middle is Harry Dawson.
  3. Here is another view if the other side of Jeannie II of the 346th Fighter squadron from the collection of Harry Dawson, the armorer. I believe if we combine the photo you posted along with this photo we land on the tail number 218306. As regards 350th birds, there are many that are in the rang of this.
  4. This is a 346th Fighter Squadron P-39N1. I have another photo of this plane in the 350th archives. The tail number is 42-18306 (tail# 218306). There were pictures taken of this bird at Elmas Airfield (Cagliari) on Sardinia. I believe the armorer for this plane was Harry Dawson. I believe the pilot associated with this plane is 346th pilot Ivan Behel. I am very interested in your photo of a P-39 with the tail number 218349. I believe it is not Jeannie I but rather Jeanie with door number 49 of the 345th Fighter Squadron, 350th FG. I will add some photos later.
  5. "Hit 'em Hard" might be another translation of the untranslatable.
  6. The above reads "Welcome Professor Ronaldo Dias. Senta a Pua!" "Senta a Pua" is the battle cry and motto of the 1st Brazilain Fighter Squadron of the USA 350th Fighter Group of WWII. There is no adequate English translation that I know. It would be like translating Bonsai! instead of writing Bonsai. I have heard it translated as "By the Seat of Your Pants" although literally it is more "Sit on the Stick". It also has the connotation "Stick it to Them". There are other modern connotations. But in the context of WWII "Senta a Púa" in English is "Senta a Púa". Professor, fell free to conta
  7. For those interested in the story of Ed King and his bird, I give you this account as told by Ed King. 350th Fighter Group Narration by: Ed King, P-47 Pilot 347th Ftr. Sqd, 350th Ftr. Grp. MTO, ETO WWll, 1944-45 January 12, 1945, Strafing Attack Bresica, Italy Railroad Marshalling Yard On January 12th, the weather condition over the Poe Valley was reported as unsuitable for dive-bombing. The Valley was covered with layers of solid to broken clouds, plus a broken to scattered low scud deck. A mist of rain also filled
  8. Bem-vindo Professor Ronaldo Dias. Senta a Pua! Keith Vizcarra archivist (350th Fighter Group)
  9. Hi Dan, My dad bellied in in that P-39 Sporting the 63 on the door. The nose art is Lenore VI. It was one of three P-39 s he crashed to speed up the transition to the Jug. I was just talking with Earl last week. He is well. I am always happy to see the 350th getting some press. The original of the photo you posted resides in the 345th photo archives. I have a few others of it in a bit less pristine shape, The a/c that is.
  10. If you have any photos of your uncle from his time with the 345th I would love to add them to the 345th archives. I found the following in the archives. 2nd Lt. Elwood W. Lawson * 345 P-47 17/Dec/44 Med sea/Pisa Close Air Support msn. for 5th Army on front line, east of La Spezia. Inclement weather, under clouds at 7,000’, pounded by AAA as begin dive for fire bomb run. Crash seen by Army troops. Johnson also killed. I have 7 Daily Operation Reports of missions your uncle flew, along with the MACR when he went down. Two of his seven missions were flown with my father. Feel free to c
  11. I found this mention of Perryman in a letter from another 345th pilot Igou. I thought you might find the timing of some interest. It may take me a while to learn to post. Let's see what happens.
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