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  1. I took a spin though this topic again on a whim and was not disappointed. Really first rate stuff AustinO!
  2. That's in great shape! Usually the ones I see even in the USA are rather beat up.
  3. Nice work! Great selection of images from an interesting time period!
  4. Really impressive work! I would love to have the space for something like that.
  5. Do you know what the specific "price list" publication is called? Most of that stuff has been digitized so if I know what I'm looking for I should be able to pull it right up.
  6. Please excuse my horrendous grammar mistakes and omission of words. Sometimes my mind moves faster than I can type.
  7. Hello, I have a bit of an academic question relating to field gear in the 1910-1918 period. I am trying to wade through collector terms and get down to official designations of articles of equipment, and how those articles were officially referred to over time as changes were made in materials and construction. If we look at Articles of uniform, we have the name of the article (For example: Coat, service) with no M designation defined by specifications. So, if a situation arose that one needed to refer specially to a generation/variation in a Service Coat, you could simply say The Se
  8. I thought that was the most logical conclusion, but louder voices have come along to say otherwise without offering supporting information. But what do I know?
  9. Someone suggested that it could be a early version of the 8th Division insignia. I've never seen a helmet with this version on it much less with a shield vs a circle, so I am still skeptical.
  10. That's obviously too easy. I asked for the fellows name before I posted this and only heard crickets. Ugh!
  11. I have one that came with a grouping (plus two others that I found at the flea market and just liked). None of them are Army marked. I'll have to check the manufacturer.
  12. Saw this one in one of my Facebook groups and no one could come to a conclusion to what it was. I have an inkling that it's a variation of a 2nd Division insignia, while others think it may be aviation related. Of course the current owner doesn't know what unit his grandfather was in otherwise this would be easy! Personally I think Occam's razor applies to these weird neither-fish-nor-foul type of designs, but I certainly haven't seen everything let alone know everything. What do you think?
  13. The only other letter it might be is a "K" but I think R is more likely. As a matter of fact, I double checked in the sleeve and there was another marking that was far more clearly "R" Wilson. You are right in that there are no other initials (which is odd).
  14. Was anyone able to find anything interesting on this fellow?
  15. More markings plus an odd modification presumably to take the coat in for a smaller fellow (the coat is a rather small size indeed).
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