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  1. Zeph, thank you for posting the pics. Much appreciated!
  2. Could have been an H-16. Here is a pic of one at NAS Hampton Roads 1918. I would try the Naval Aviation Museum. They will have the crash records. http://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/
  3. B-17 41-24388 97th BG, 340 SQ Pilot: John C Summers Co-Pilot: Thomas F Lohr Nose Art: Summers Sleepers?? This aircraft was almost shot down by JU-88s flying Jimmy Doolittle to Gibraltar. http://www.defensemedianetwork.com/stories/the-luftwaffe-almost-downs-jimmy-doolittle/
  4. Thanks for the pics of bomber camp! I read about it a couple of weeks ago and glad I got to see some pics of it. Looks (and sounds) like a great experience!!
  5. Looks CCKW. Command cars have bar stock hooks, not hinges.
  6. The experts are on this thread from a while back. Also some info. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/195178-restoration-of-a-glider-waco-cg-4a-structure/
  7. Nice project and looking good! Keep the pics coming!
  8. Zeph, Your project is looking good! Keep the pictures rolling in. The frame looks great!
  9. The following pictures with captions are from personal album of Captain Leslie Gehres commander of Fleet Air Wing Four. From Kodiak Military History Museum website: http://www.kadiad.org/FAW4/index.html Command car and driver. On jacket 'N. ALT, Fleet Air Wing Four. On car: 'R21 Fleet Air Wing'
  10. Yes, Yoeri, I noticed that too. Hopefully it's only temporary!
  11. My favorite...... WC-52 Low Silhouette Prototype
  12. <==== WWII Dodge Fan Here! My website: http://www.wc57.com
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