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  1. Hello all, I bought a (or thought) a VN era helmet. I showed it to some friends who collect this kind of stuff and told me itwas "put together". The chin strap was not marked with USA and hew said that was bad. In the other chin strap it had the letter "P" and not an anchor. Did I get taken for a ride? I am sure Eamon does not care but I hate being there standing in the street with my pants around my ankles and not even getting a kiss. Thanks, Steve
  2. I saw the episode and lughed my tukus off.
  3. Greetings, Yes cover used in training FTX's. When trooper was in field he was to not be seen by his DI's. the number was used to identify the trooper and have him "educated" in how to cover up.
  4. Holy Cow!!!!!!!!! Someone must want that helmet in the worse way. You can still find them for around $60 and the ariborne for a bit more. What does it mean when a helmet is "put together". My guess is that all the dates on the liner head strap and the liner itself are not the same date. Why is this so important? I was issued down range uniforms I am sure did not come from the same year made (jacket may have been made in 69 the pants 70). If you mean that it is put together to screw a collecter than I agree it is a rotten thing to do. But in my personal opinion all the stampings and
  5. If there are men/women who want to do the Vietnam experience more power to them. For me I just do not get it. I mean no offense to those who do it. I put my down range fatigues and medals and just put them in a drawer when I got stateside. Some poeple in that period (early 69-early70's) gave lots of crap to vets who dared wear thier fatigues in public ( I did wear the pants when working on my car or yard work though). Thirty nine years latter the stuff vets wore out or threw away or packed up are now collectables......amazing. In my personal opinion I do not get upset with re -enactors i
  6. Patrick, I stand corrected. Thank you for the pictures. Steve
  7. I like that cover. Not that bad looking for being as old as it is. I like the saltly look. Still a bit too much money for me to use up these days. The "tears" he describes were cut by the marine and the helmet chinstrpes pulled through and then hooked behind the helmet.. I am ssure that rubber cammo bands seen for sale now days are recently made. A rubber band used some 40 years ago would be a bit cracked up and weathered....just my opinion. I do not think it could pass for even a cover for an ARVN trooper. The infantry ARVN soldier did not use the US Mitchell cover. Just the helmet.
  8. Holy cow!! For an used and abused cover? I hope this hobby does not go the way of WW2 US/German items. So much junk being sold and the prices of even junk helmets start at $300.00 (German helmet shells.....no liners). I have seen the cover bands going up to ridicules prices. There is one seller that has (he states) original rolls of the bands and he bus them and sews them up. To is credit he is honest about them and only charges $5.00 for one when one of his helmets is bought. Knowledge is power in this hobby.
  9. Amazing..........well to their credit they do state it is a reproduction. I am sure down the road when the real covers get scarcer some folks will try to sell covers like the one shown as original..........at least this reproduction is very bad.
  10. Spike, Copran was just making an observation and if both name tapes were made in country and had different fading/wear and tare marks it would raise a red flag. I think you are correct in the name tapes are 2 different styles (name tape made in country.....US ARMY tape bulk made in US). This was not unusual. Copran is learning as we all are so please give him a break and not come down so hard on him.
  11. steve


    Justin, I just went throught my gargae to find down range jacket. I did find it but years agao I wore it deer hunting and painted some black stripes on it to break up pattern. The paint has faded and it is yours if you still want it. Best regards, Steve
  12. I think the down range jacket is good . The US ARMY tape was already sewn on uniforms issued and it was not uncommon to have name tapes made in country and those faded very quickly whereas the stateside name tapes held up. One thing I learned on this forum is to look at the thread used to sew on patches and tapes. The thread used over there also faded out when washed. I know there are many veterans on this site. I think they will agree with Gill (I do) that once out of service old fatigues were worn working on cars...hunting....etc till worn out not even guessing that one day they would
  13. steve


    Welcome Justin, Do you just collect fatigues in pristine condition? I still managed to keep a very used down range jacket but it has no patches and it is a bit torn up. (collar has some holes) and one hole sewn up . It is faded and a small size (alas, I am not that small or in the great shape anymore). If you are interested I will give it to you free of charge. Best regards, Steve
  14. Great post and pictures. I have a three pouch double snap grenade pouch like those shown and it is dated 1967.
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