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  1. Hi Tom, You are right, this is an amazing story. It is really curious that this lot returned in the country of origin of you family. I collect WW2 flight helmets and goggles, buying mostly on ebay. I acquired this flight helmet with goggles in June 2009 and I'll send you the ebay seller name via PM so I don't violate his privacy, He is located in USA. I paid this lot 101.00 usd plus shipment that was 44.00 usd. thats all about the transaction with the seller, then I died to know more about the name so I posted here on the forum. ciao G
  2. Good morning all, and above all Tom. I'm here, I'm Giulio from Italy and I'm still the owner of this flight helmet and goggles. Is a great surprise to read what Tom wrote. The fligh helmet and the goggles came from an eBay auction of the 2010/2011. Let me know if you'd like to bring it home, for me will be a great miss because I really like it but I think That the son's house will be the right place if loved because until today is has been well preserved and displayed. If you are interested I can tell you who was the seller and the location. I didn't pay it so much, but I have to ch
  3. This is very difficult to find but I'm really motivated to know more. The only found was: Johnson, Byron M. 8 Victories USN but I doubt is related to my goggles considering he was a ART.
  4. Thanks for the info! I really appreciate your help. I hope moderator will move the topic in the correct section. i tried to google both names but the found was about the link I posted. I'll check the pinned posts for further info, thanks!
  5. Great display bazelot, Here is my contribution with one of my USN flight helmets: my lived NAF 1092 completed with TH-37 receivers by Telephonica and goggles. I have the mic also but is not displayed in the pics.
  6. We have to add some informations about this. The aircraft has been found in Feb.12 2012 from an Italian's oil research expedition in Egypt. In one of their expedition they found this p-40 that was missed june, 26 1942 with pilot MIA. The aircraft hasn't been downed but simply lost the route and being shortage of fuel the pilot tried a landing and survived. Later expeditions member brought the police to the aircraft location to remove 0.50 ammo meantime Uk ambassade was alerted of the found. At the time was requested to the italians and to the police to avoid to divulgate the exact position
  7. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2012/jun/19...ts-final-story/ follow the link at the end of the article, downed he passed 30 days escaping from japanese. G
  8. I have already posted it on WAF but I think this forum is mor appropriate, I new here and hope this is the right section. In the past years I acquired two different flight helmet and each one had a matched flight goggles. I tried to get informations about the pilots/crew members but never found anything since few days ago. Google showed me this result about a pilot that could be the owner of the AO Skyways (below) AO Skyway goggles and was grouped with an ANH-15 flight helmet. Tom DiFloure .http://www.hmdb.org/Marker.asp?Marker=51306 ( the name doesn't match completely, TOM instead
  9. Hi, I'm really interested in this book, is it shipped from France?
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