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  1. Lee & others, have you seen other sew on USAF chevrons without the dot or hole in the center of the star besides the CMSAF desert chevrons of the 1992 type as posted? I looked through my collection of other ranks and did not find any others that were solid stars. I am just curious about which type chevrons or ranks and what years this type of embroidered solid star occurred. It looks like the 1976 style shoulder mark that kyhistorian posted earlier may have a solid star or very small dot. Thanks for your replies.
  2. Justin and Lee, I think you both have it figured just right. I think the star with the wreath around it looks quite nice and we should expect that our military services would share good ideas just as they do weapons. The dot in the center of the USAF star has always been a neat touch. Nice job superimposing one chevron over the other Justin. How did you do that?
  3. Justin, I think you may be right that the USAF adopted the same central image (the official seal of the United States) in their Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force chevron in 2004 as the US army had approved in 1996 for the Sergeant Major of the Army. The USMC has had such a senior NCO rank the longest and approved their current chevron style for the SMMC in 1970 with the Eagle, Globe & Anchor with a star on either side as the central image. I have not read any articles that specifically state how and why these chevrons were designed, only the dates when they were approved. Thanks for
  4. I liked Robert's collection of CMSAF chevrons and thought I would post my small incomplete collection also. CMSAF subdued chevrons in 1967 and 1991 and 2004 styles CMSAF desert & ABU chevrons in 1991 and 2004 and 2009 ABU styles CMSAF blue service coat chevrons in 1991 and 2004 styles The older 1967 style chevrons have been the most difficult for me to obtain. Comments?
  5. To RoadRunner and SgtMaddox: I think the reversed color chevrons look very sharp, but obviously do not have offical USMC approval. Even realizing that these are not "real" USMC chevrons, I would like to know (if you will tell) where you were able to purchase them and approximately how much each chevron cost. I would be interested in purchasing a pair of each from the SgtMajMarCor down to GySgt E-7 just because they look very unique if I could find the source. Thanks for your posts.
  6. Texcen, What type of USAF dress chevrons do you mean? The USAF white mess dress chevrons were authorized from 1959 thru 1970. The silver on black dress chevrons were authorized from the early 1960s up to 1990, I believe. I am not a true chevron expert, but this is based on the references I've read.
  7. Lee, Thank you for your reply. I was waiting for more replies or information, but apparently you've nailed the answer or the other USAF experts are on vacation. Thanks again. I assumed the bullion chevrons were worn by NCOs for the same occasions the officers wore their fancy bullion shoulder boards.
  8. I would like to learn more about the USAF mess (evening) dress chevrons. I understand that the white on white chevrons were approved for wear on the white mess dress uniforms from 1959 to 1971. The bright (mylar?) silver on black chevrons were approved for the black (1961) and also white formal mess dress uniforms (1969) until 1992. I believe with the changes in uniforms and chevrons for 1992 the new white on blue chevrons could be worn on all dress uniforms. This brings up the question about when and on which uniforms were the bullion on blue chevrons to be worn by NCOs?
  9. They are regular USAF sr. airman chevrons with yellow embroidered stars sewn on them. I know it. I bought them just in case they were an unusual prototype.
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