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  1. I would assume Clemson with this one has well being a tiger. Certainly something school related.
  2. Yes, he is back at it - I almost fell for it. He has a really "nice group" to a North Carolina veteran which would be an absolute stunner but unfortunately he has ruined many a good groups. Thanks to this forum I can save my money.
  3. Yes thank you for posting. Still one my "grail" items.
  4. RIP Bob - a staple here for so, so many years. So smart - so knowledgeable. May he rest in peace and his family be comforted.
  5. DUI crest is 343rd Infantry - and obviously the 343 with crossed riffles is the same thing. The 130 is for the 130th Infantry.
  6. That listing is a listing from www.militaryaviationarticfacts.com - Dave I believe is the gentleman that runs that website. I have bought things from him in the past - he may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck on your quest, I am sure you will find that although it may have been sold unintentionally, as military collectors and preservationists, I suspect it is being cared for greatly. Again, good luck on your quest. -Daniel
  7. Also....that “Sgt” and “King” do not look like same hand writing. i would wait...$700 will get you a nicer example
  8. I wouldn’t pay that for it, but I’m also a cheap-skate I would so get a photo of name on inside as well prior to purchase
  9. Cuffs replaced, waist still original, tag is still there as well.... Is that a hole above the head on the painting on back? Leather looks DRYYYYYYYY But with a partial name and serial number - that could be the ticket. Get it off that hanger ASAP ......maybe $400 because of possible research and some original paint Others will weigh in....good luck
  10. Looks like a sweet set up!! At least you dont live in NC where we still have no access to bars.......but yet restaurants WITH BARS are open 🧐
  11. Very Good article https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/05/28/d-day-engineer-built-and-blasted-across-europe/9670071/
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