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  1. phantom nailed it - tan flight suits or shirt/pants and the gear he listed.
  2. that is absolutely incredible - its still out there!
  3. Why not - if I know the items were added - I can remove them. If the price was right, I wouldn't have a problem with it. And again - if an item/group speaks to you and makes your collecting bone itch - then I say scratch that itch. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. We are all a little weird in our way - thank the good Lord he made us all different. I couldn't live in a world full of myself! Have a great week everyone! -Daniel
  4. As always ....having the thought of buying a "put-together" still gives me the heeby jeebies....but for some reason, there are alot of these items that I would not mind having. And to be honest there are 2 groups on the auction site that Jack bought from me that have items added. So I know 100 % that they have been added to. Even still, I think if I had the money that these will undoubtedly go for, I would not mind having them. It's funny how most run around saying "buy the item, not the story" but then get up in arms about possibly having an embellished it
  5. I would assume Clemson with this one has well being a tiger. Certainly something school related.
  6. Yes, he is back at it - I almost fell for it. He has a really "nice group" to a North Carolina veteran which would be an absolute stunner but unfortunately he has ruined many a good groups. Thanks to this forum I can save my money.
  7. Yes thank you for posting. Still one my "grail" items.
  8. RIP Bob - a staple here for so, so many years. So smart - so knowledgeable. May he rest in peace and his family be comforted.
  9. DUI crest is 343rd Infantry - and obviously the 343 with crossed riffles is the same thing. The 130 is for the 130th Infantry.
  10. That listing is a listing from www.militaryaviationarticfacts.com - Dave I believe is the gentleman that runs that website. I have bought things from him in the past - he may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck on your quest, I am sure you will find that although it may have been sold unintentionally, as military collectors and preservationists, I suspect it is being cared for greatly. Again, good luck on your quest. -Daniel
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