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  1. This looks like a Navaho made wing to me. Probably from the Albuquerque area. If you have the name of the bombardier I can check a reference book to see if we can find which school he went to and what class he was in. I think many of these wings can be traced to graduates of the school at Roswell.
  2. I think the 345/346 was their base target background wing to which other devices were added, such as the bomb for bombardier, the radial engine with 4-bladed prop for flight engineer, etc. I don't recall seeing an aerial gunner but assume if they made one it would be using this same base wing. I don't know about the other couple of wings with two numbers.
  3. This is way outside my area of expertise and available references. I am assuming it is for an artillery unit based on the colors, and thought it might be a unit with a number ending in 4 based on the fleur-de-lis but could not turn it up. Would one of our residence experts please help to identify this unit? It is mounted on a wing so I am thinking maybe an artillery spotters unofficial badge?
  4. Hello,can you please help me with these wings, they are original and what era are they from?thanks. 










  5. Here are the backs. I have seen photos of full-sized Kinney Airship Pilot, Naval Aviator and Aeronaut wings, but I have never seen a full-size Kinney Military Airplane Pilot / Senior Pilot wing. Has anyone seen such a wing? Mine is the only small-size Aeronaut wing I have seen so I am curious if anyone else has seen another?
  6. Thanks all. I wish I could grow them all into full-size wings.
  7. Another little Kinney joined the flock so I thought I would share a family photo of my little Kinney wing collection. The little Military Airplane Pilot / Senior Aviator is the new arrival. If I can ever catch a little Kinney Airship Pilot I think that would complete the set of 1-1/2" wings (excluding duplicates with different finishes).
  8. Most Bell wings are pretty common, but of the ones that are clearly "factory made" (not possibly made by other jewelers modifying Bell wings like Flight Surgeon) the Glider wing is second rarest, but generally commands the highest price. Bell also made a mid-sized Naval Aviator wing (between 2" and 2.5") that in my opinion is the hardest to find Bell factory made wing. I think the second pattern S and L letter wings often attributed to Bell are also fairly common, but the G in that pattern ranks up there with the other Bell G wing. There is a Bell Balloon wing shown in the More S
  9. I managed to find an AECo T/O last year and have posted photos here: It is the only one I recall ever seeing so I cannot say they were all made this way (two-piece based on an Aircrew wing). There is an AECo Airship shown on Bob's website. Marty
  10. Does anyone have, or have they even seen an AECo Balloon wing? I know there are Airship wings, but I am not aware of any Balloon ones.
  11. Thanks guys. I do have a Josten pinback observer as well. Per Chris' question, Meyer is the only company I am reasonably sure made all of the authorized wings, including the Airship Pilot. Russ would know what other manufacturers made them all. I only just realized that Amico's command and senior wing versions were all made by modifying regular pilot wings. Has anyone seen an Amico T/O wing? I see the Gemsco T/O wings referred to as being Amico patterned, but have not seen an Amico hallmarked T/O.
  12. I just snagged this command pilot wing to complete this Josten pinback pilot trio. Now if I can find the three Josten balloon wings and the T/O wing I will have examples of all the Josten made wings.
  13. That makes sense and I stand corrected. I looked on Bob's wing website (ww2wings.com) but he doesn't have any of this style posted there. I don't know if this is a post WWII version as the earlier ones had eagles and or enameled areas.
  14. I believe it is a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) pilot wing.
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