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  1. They wouldn't have to. Passive laws that lie on the books that they can enforce when they see fit and is convenient to them. I'd like to think LEOs would refuse, but people will do a lot of it means keeping a job.
  2. Looks like masking tape and a messy brush. Real ones would be free-handed, at least the real deal straight out of the footlocker 5th Div lid i had was. The diamond was also very dark from age and not cracked from heat as I recall.
  3. I wondered about Columbus Machine, but got an email back from the armory director at the CMP and they're going to have me ship my op rod and gas cylinder down to see what's going on. I'd heard the CMP was great to work with, but didn't know if paying to ship the rifle once sorta wore out my welcome! By comparison... In 2007 I bought a brand new Auto-Ordnance Thompson. WOuldn't cycle straight out of the box, mangle cases, firing pin punched clean through the primer and flash hole and into the powder chamber of the cartridge, extractor would bang itself out of position.
  4. They shouldn't bend to the left, i don't think. I'll call them tomorrow though.
  5. my CMP winchester simply would not cycle. Barrel appeared twisted and not plumb with the receiver. Thought maybe the twist was causing binding in the gas tube, so back it went to the CMP. They indexed the barrel but it still wouldn't cycle, and I finally swapped op rods with my laser-like match garand... works fine. Hard to really tell for sure, but the op rod that came with it seemed like it has a bend to it... I don't want to gamble with an ebay part. Too many junk parts. Anybody know a reputable source for a GOOD op rod? After dropping a grand on this very pretty Winchester, I
  6. This really bummed me out. Met him a few years ago, always hoped to see him again.
  7. Did you see that Jim Jarvis passed June 6? I was thinking of him (one of the highlights of my life was meeting him) and damned if there wasn't a news clip about him going back to his shipmates. Dammit anyway.
  8. I've got a uniform from a USS Pillsbury vet that was on the ship when it helped capture the 505.
  9. Outatanding. They'd probably be from the 291st Combat Engineers. Little unit almost single-handedly punched Peiper right in his stupid nose.
  10. I have his USNA Dress Blues, couldn't pass it up. A commendable WWII career, served under Fluckey and was later CO of the USS Barb (one of my favorite ships), and XO of the second Sammy B (I've got an original Sammy B survivor. Very cool.
  11. I'll try to get into it and see. I'm working on the war room at the moment and have a bum shoulder from surgery, and that jacket is the one on my WWI torso mannequin.
  12. Picked up a uniform to a man that would be XO of the Mighty Mo from 44 through the end of the war. He participated in the ceremonies, and I am wondering if anyone might know of a site or book with detailed super-high res shots of the crowd, or have an idea where he may have been positioned when the surrender occurred, with the thought being maybe he was near the captain when it went down. Many thanks!
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