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  1. I did a search of forum and found one post associated with the tank Im presenting here containing a picture of it. I have taken some additional views and so will go ahead and post. The tank is located outside the New York State Military Museum in Saratoga Springs NY. It has 7th AD insignia painted on it but I don't believe they are original to the tank.
  2. story i got from seller is he got it from someone who said it was a pilots revolver and the burn mark on the grip (I find hard to believe) is from grabbing it from a fire; crash of some kind.
  3. more - is the "S" imprint mean it was refurbished ?
  4. addition to my military arms collection
  5. (I see one of these just sold for possibly $475 on the sales page so i guess I see around what to offer him should he decide to part with it).
  6. A friend whose father was in WWII has this 1918 that his dad carried. There is no scabbard. The hilt of the handle is either deformed, bent or purposely changed. Blade is a little rough but only surface. Not sure if he would part with it; he is considering so any advice on what I can offer him is appreciated. From the vets bronze star award document - 63rd Infantry division HQ Co. - intelligence sergeant during all combat operations; "(he) obtained information by patrolling and reconnaissance into enemy territory. his aggressive and resourceful performance of duty contribute much in
  7. were Queen City fighting knives private purchase? did one service favor these over another service?
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