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  1. One more to add. Interesting to note the paint touched up on the right side of the pilots armor. Well worn aircraft! -Tim
  2. Evening, Here's a couple more B-25H model pictures to share. All taken in India I believe, 12th BG. I guess Grandpa was more interested in the nose art than the rest of the aircraft, but I can't blame him. I can't say definitively, but I think "Goin My Way" may have a little battle damage on the right side. - Tim
  3. P-38 pics. Gorgeous aircraft! Definetly worth a visit if you're in the area...though parking is 15 bucks now. In the grand scheme still well worthy it. Anyone else have a favorite? Obviously the Enola Gay, Discovery and the SR-71 are hard to beat! -Tim
  4. Afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit the Udvar-Hazy center last week for the first time in about 10 years. I was really happy to see that Flak-Bait, the famous B-26 is undergoing a complete restoration. I remember seeing the forward section of the aircraft on display in the main museum a couple of times. Their website states it had been on display there since 1976, and is now being restored to a complete aircraft. Pictures aren't that great, but you get the idea. The Sikorsky JRS-1 amphibian is looking pretty good as well. For me the other highlight was a beautiful original P-3
  5. This is one my grandfather took in India most likely during 44-45. A nice pic of a well worn Leroy's Joy, B-25H undergoing maintenance. Have more that I'll try to post later. - Tim
  6. I like the small panels you've fabricated for your instruments. Oddly enough I picked up what I believe is the same type of radio compass you have displayed middle left. Very cool pieces...I'm a sucker for old instruments.
  7. That would make fora a nice display I suppose...I was thinking maybe a picture frame. Then again I don't know what the radium would do to it over time. Thanks!
  8. Good tip on the gunshow! I Checked out the swap meet at the aloha stadium last weekend and there was one booth with some used field gear...a bags and some old ACU's. Otherwise almost exclusively souvenir type stuff.
  9. Evening, Was hoping someone would have an idea on the maker of this pinback. Picked it up from the same shop as the group I recently posted but couldn't find out much about it in my references. Thanks for the help! - Tim
  10. Afternoon, I had the good fortune of finding a small grouping last month from 2Lt Frank L Pontious Jr. Bought this in OKC which makes sense given the information that was found with a basic Google search. I believe he flew F-5's out of Italy. Grouping included a well worn named silver Id bracelet which states from mother on the reverse, Two full size wings and the eto/am ribbon bar. I'm don't have much knowledge on older wings...but silver/tans reference states that the lower pin back marked sterling is an uncommon pattern (listed as #14 in the book). Any idea why or who manufactu
  11. Afternoon, I found this on a recent trip to OKC. Even though it's just the face plate of a Sperry gyro horizon I thought it was worth it...and a lot lighter than the full instrument. The mechanics of moving the aircraft symbol on the inside are kind of interesting as well. Enjoy! - Tim
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