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    I am a retired U.S. Army Cav Scout, with 22 years of service and almost another 10 years bouncing about in the contracting world overseas and stateside. Finally settled down due to the wishes of the missus after we married and we are now foster parents and loving it. I have always had a love (or is it obsession?) with militaria. Although I focus mainly on World War 2, I am a sucker for most of it!!I love this board, with all its collective knowledge, and sense of honor in keeping the history of time, alive.

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  1. If I recall correctly, slightly modified football helmets were put to use post war for armored crews in lieu of the "M38's" that were no longer being produced. There was a gap filled with them between the end of production on the pre-war '38's until the later T-56 CVC style were finally fielded. Same reason why the "Euro-clone" tanker lids were utilized in Europe. I used to have football helmet similar to this one, just not in the great condition with the suspension, lining.
  2. Nice! I still have my own Desert Storm graffiti marked cover and Kpot. It sits next to my own OIF worn ACH.
  3. The 551st PIB was another unit that was known for their use of paint gun applied camo to everything as mentioned. Not saying it is, but this helmet reminds me of Lawdogs work from "back in the day".
  4. That photo has been "colorized" from an original black and white, so would not use that as historical evidence.
  5. I think you are trying to hard to make this lid into something it isn't.
  6. Anyone else having issues with the link lately?
  7. I loved the Blues for what they were meant to be, and liked wearing them. But loathed what they did to them to create the ASU. Not that it matters as I'm long retired, but I'm glad to see the Blues being returned to their formal status. And I like this new old look. I never had my Blues altered or bought the ASU. But will probably invest in these. Wouldn't mind grooming to standard again to don them when appropriate.
  8. I have one similar that works as well. But it is obviously "period" done, what ever "period" that may be judging by the electrical components...
  9. Haven't collected in years, but still like to pop in and look at all the eye candy like this! Superb catch, and worth the tax!
  10. Regardless of the meaning, it is a fine lid.
  11. Excellent link! Thanks for sharing it. Check out those CVC protoypes a few pages further.
  12. Daaaaang brother, you just experienced what most of us dreamt about! Sometimes those are even literal dreams. At least in my case, so I might be the neighborhood "that guy" that everyone winks to each other about.
  13. Nice.I have a camo fixed bail with the name Powers etched, painted on. Wonder what the chances are it is his?
  14. Oh duh Yeah, I do recall it now. Will have to look when I return home for pictures of it.
  15. I seriously cannot recall the one you mention. Must be getting senile. But I do have two lids camo'd similar to the link Justin provided.
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