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  1. Gentlemen, thank you for the good info! appreciate it!
  2. Dear All, What do you think of this label, issue or private purchase? Thank You! Best, Al
  3. Albert

    Poplin Pants

    Dear All, Seeking confirmation that these 1967 dated pants are what is referred to as 3rd pattern. They are not the rip-stop type, have a pocket inside the left cargo pocked, and have draw strings. Thank You! Al
  4. Oh, wow! This is much more than I was hoping for, thank you! I did suspect the Bad Toelz connection, but thought this was more of a demonstration club, turns out this is HALO! I guess the colors depended on what uniform they were sporting. Thanks again!
  5. Dear All, I've had this one for decades. I believe there are black ones too. Who exactly "wore" them, 10th SFG in Germany, and what exactly is/was this club? Thank You! Al
  6. Dear All, What's you take on these? Thank You, Al
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