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  1. Thank you for the information! Really glad to learn about the 6th Inf. Rgt. / Berlin connection of the All The Way tab! Now need to find their German made pocket patch to go with it. I’ve had the Sapper tab for a long time, it precedes the current one and would not be an unfinished modern piece. Would really love to find out what unit(s) wore it and when.
  2. Thank you! And a few more on the "border" theme. I remember seeing the subdued "BORDER" tab being worn in Germany on the OD green field caps by 2nd ACR soldiers.
  3. Thank you! Anything on the other ones anyone?
  4. Some subdued ones:
  5. Merrill's Marauders and Japan:
  6. 24th ID; one of the lower tabs has a white back, the other has a black back"
  7. Amazing thread! Here are some contributions from my collection, all German made pieces both patches and tabs/ scrolls:
  8. Dear All, Have had those patches for decades. Tried to find more here, but drew a blank on some and need clarification on others. - Cut edge SAPPER predates the current merrowed edge one - ALL THE WAY seems to be German made Any and all input apprecriated! Thanks! Al
  9. View of back in case it helps.
  10. All, What exactly are those trousers? Period? EM or officer? Cav or Inf? And if possible, what is the value as I probably don't need them any longer. Thank You!
  11. Gentlemen, thank you for the good info! appreciate it!
  12. Dear All, What do you think of this label, issue or private purchase? Thank You! Best, Al
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