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  1. Zeph it looks like about half that angle on the mount,,, just look at your original Army pic and see how close it is to the top mounting stud
  2. Zeph we have been on page 13 for some time now,,,, chop chop lets get busy son ! Clark.
  3. Yah Zeph MORE pics please !! Hey have spent much at John Bs place on this resto ?Clark.
  4. Hey Zeph when are you going to blast the tub ? Isn't better to have clean metal to weld to ?
  5. Hey Zeph how come you don't put this on video ?? Better than most of the stuff on Velocity ! I can see it now you could take Foose's slot !
  6. Great another project !!! I guess you might be talking to John B out here in Minn for some parts for the staff car.Clark.
  7. I wonder if he knew my uncle? 414th H Co.He was also a Staff Sergent.
  8. Nice!!!Zeph do you need my address so you can ship it to me!!Clark.
  9. Kind of sad to see this shot,,my uncle was KIA 5 March in Cologne with the 104th Inf.Div Timberwolves 414th H Co.
  10. That's cool it's spring here too!!!OH guess not it's 10 freekin degrees here in Minn!!!!!
  11. Zeph it's been 16 days!!!!! I need my fix!!!!!CJ.
  12. Isn't it great to meet these heros and even share the same space on a floor with them!What a treat!!
  13. What are we all going to do when he finishes the Ford?????????
  14. cjohns

    Nice work!

    Just posting to share,,sorry if it's been posted already,,,but wow!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS6GKlgBKek
  15. cjohns

    RIP Julius W Brown

    My uncle passed this last Saturday at the age of 96.Retired in 1973 with 30 years of active service.Was a combat medic in the Japanese theater in WW2 also served in Korea and Vietnam.God speed Command Sergeant Major!!
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