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  1. do you think he just ran out of paint? or realized too late he would have to pay for that? haha
  2. I swear, some of those old vintage commercial camo/surplus used cloth has its own charm and I dont know why. Back in the 80s I would look at the various commercial made "duckhunter" type camo and roll my eyes, Now for some reason I find that It has it's own appeal. nostalgia I guess. Or maybe just tired of seeing digital patterns everywhere
  3. it is a pretty good book. irrespective of the author's personality or morals. it is a pretty good guide with names for the tigers that make them easy for beginners to understand the difference in them instead of just vague stuff like "gold,silver, etc" no idea why the book itself is treated with such snobbishness . its not like anyone else has put out something better to replace it in all these years. its a shame too, all the people out there who know so much about tigers but dont have the time or inclination to publish another guide for one reason or another
  4. I like it man, It looks great regardless. I'd be happy to own that cap. I think you have been treated pretty rudely in this thread. I have never understood why some people will just drop in and say something like not real, offer no other explanation or insight then not say a word further on it for a few days. and not even bother to at least show a little courtesy. Guess part of being a famous expert collector makes one not care how they talk to other people on an internet forum.
  5. Yours looks like its made from the US made and used ERDL and his looks like the ARVN airborne/BDQ camo to me, maybe its jst the camera flash It seems something about that ARVN camo make it very difficult for a camera to capture its true colors everytime
  6. that is amazing man. Jesus the things that hat was part of! what are the safety pins for? is it holding it together some how? the way to tighten it or loosen it? or just there as spares in case needed in the jungle fo ripped clothing or gear? any idea?
  7. I thought congress pretty much ordered that the services had to all adopt and use the same uniform by a certain date to stop with all the unique snowflake uniform fiascos?
  8. I remember in the 80s and very early 90s the local surplus store here "Charlie Albert's Army Navy Surplus store" had big cardboard boxes full of WW2 gear. BAR belts, pistol belts , ammo belts. leggings...everything for nearly nothing. My Dad told me that in the 60s Albert's sold Le Enfield rifles for 11 bucks each
  9. oh yes. we all support EVERY design . irrespective of our opinion of the usefulness of the design we are all supporting it. In fact our full support will be due again this year on April 15 haha
  10. the rifle barrel cleaner " JB bore pastes works for me, Its a mild abrasive but it wont polish
  11. Thats is super cool man! I'm gonna tell you something and I am dead serous. Something about all those different pattern tigers together like that made by eyes water and hurt. Nothing has ever done that to me before but those did. crazy
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