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  1. ROTC,Army. Don’t know the dates.
  2. Thanks for the ID. This dis located in Goodland Ks. The dealer has just gotten this and thinks it is a cavalry desk. I told him I would inquire. I am going home Monday and don’t know if he will be open over the holiday to ask. I will inquire when I email him.
  3. Saw this in an antique shop. Is it military? If so what is it?
  4. Hello There are several of us here from Nebraska. Do you make it to the Hastings show?
  5. How many of these could possibly be in existence?
  6. rufus_firefly

    Help ID

    What do the letters stand for and when was this used. Any other information appreciated.
  7. Can anyone identify the stripe? It came with the 6th Marine HQ company patch.
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