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  1. There were a lot of Carbines around. GAU-5s which were later turned piecemeal into GUU-5/Ps for use with M855. Lot of revolvers around. S&W Victory, and some 60s purchased GUU-1/P S&W K38 revolvers. M16s of course. Which later got turned into M16A2s.\ Shotguns of all manner and type. Got told by a GI who was one of the ICBM "key turners" that the silo was equipped with Winchester 1897s!
  2. They look good. The biggest tell believe it or not is weight. GI mags have a certain heft and feel to them. The repros do not. The repros have a more "tinny" feel to them. There are so many humped 30s it isn't even funny. But after a while, you can tell the real ones by the weight and feel of them alone.
  3. There may not be issued WWII whiskey, but they did issue condoms for use on French girls!
  4. That was what I was thinking, Never seen it before.
  5. Someone sent me a picture of this item. Anyone seen anything like it before? My guess on date is early 90s?
  6. I find this stuff works great https://www.google.com/search?q=tent+seam+sealer&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  7. I just got one of each gen.
  8. There is no doubt in my mind that the covers saw field use. I have one that is faded and the mouth is opened a bit for the old round Arctic canteen. As for the Canteens and Cups? If they ever did, it would have been very little.
  9. Ohh and one more thing I figured out. (Just noticed), I don't think the NBC caps on these are the originally designed cap. 8465-01-314-4284, 8465-01-314-4282, 8465-01-314-4286 The NSNs were established in 1988 (not 1990) The NBC cap and adapter 8465-01-364-7080 wasn't established until 1992. So I am going to guess the originally designed non nbc cap was some sort of huge plain cap of some type. By the time they actually got them issued, the non NBC cap was well forgotten by then.
  10. One of my canteens shows slight use, as does one of my pouches. I have never ever seen a ragged out one... I am guessing that since they were issued well into the molle era that the Camelbacks quickly ran them out of service. I was browsing thru random PDFs on a .mil website and found this.
  11. I take it back, my cup is marked 1993. I forget half the stuff I have
  12. Wow, a canteen and a cup alone sold for $114.95 on ebay. A couple years back, there was a slight surge in these appearing on ebay. That is when I grabbed my stash of them. Prices were in the $30 to 40 range. 2001 dated Canteen, 1993 dated cup
  13. I have seen the covers with the old style canteen hiding in them quite frequently. I have three canteens, one cup, and four covers. Been lucky I guess. These are bar none the best issue canteen ever made. Here is the rest of that army summary I found, it explains the perceived issued with the first Arctic canteen From what I can tell, this out of some officers study guide
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