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  1. Here they are in the flesh so to speak!
  2. I paid way too much for this sword but when I saw the maker I couldn't resist. I have never seen another carrying their name. Has anybody else seen one?
  3. I have SA 8278 Dated 1914 SA 31213 Dated 1917 Painted Scabbard LF&C NSN Dated 1919
  4. Hi John, Yes. Hub Jr. wrote a very nice letter providing the provenance for this wing. Who is the other wing from? Cheers Gary
  5. Here's another of the front that isn't so washed out..
  6. Gary Cain

    New Wing

    I have been helping Hub Zemke Jr. for several years now to catalogue his fathers extensive collection of militaria and guns (Hub Sr. was one hell of a wood carver!) and over that time we have become pretty good friends. Imagine my surprise when after another long session of putting things in the correct boxes, determining what was his dads and what his dad collected etc. he pointed to the box with his dads insignia and said "pick one". I was gobsmacked to say the least! So after much havering I finally chose this wing. He primarily wore bullion insignia but there are a few pictures of him
  7. This is the best image I can get of it at the moment. But under magnification there is no evidence of the wing being taken off. I took the information from here... "Pin Back Cliff Presley Collection 9/14/2010 Most collectors will argue that it is a Balloon Pilot badge... but it isn't. In August 1919 the Navy Department approved a change to the double wing naval aviation badge as follows: The present gold pin with double wings based on the shield and anchor will be worn only on wash summer uniforms. The winter uniforms will carry a similar device of gold embroidery. Prov
  8. Hello again, i certainly don't remember the avi you have now! Here are both the front and back. Sorry for the delay, i had people come into the shop!
  9. Havn't posted here for awhile as I bought a new camera and the image size it makes is too big to post here. I finally got around to getting some software to alter the sizes so will start posting again. I will begin by posting the rarest wing I've ever owned. It is a Hawaiian jeweler made Enlisted Seaplane Aircrew wing. I found it at an estate sale along with a ton of other insignia and DUI's that were all Hawaii related.
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