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  1. Great hard to find items!! I used to like finding the old Sadaam murals with the faces scratched off and mickey mouses head replacing it, lol!!
  2. Glad to see other military members keeping their eyes out for historical items. The military gets a little crazy about bringing stuff back!! No matter what the item might be. Brandon
  3. Thanks, I have it hanging in my computer room. Its so strange no one ever knows what it is, lol
  4. I posted this back in 2010 and it was locked for not being US militaria. I though I would revive it in our new section so I hope you all enjoy!! http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/68839-oif-mig-airraft-sheet-metal/
  5. Jon, great glad to hear it!! Keep us posted!! I just finished installing the crash pads on mine a little bit ago! Its always a work in progress, lol Brandon
  6. Wow, what a jeep. Make sure you take lots of pics. I see a few posts now and then of guys that bought or took stuff apart during the restoration and then have no idea how or where it goes. Are you going to run the thread here or on the G? Did you get the combat wheels that were on it when Zane purchased it? Brandon
  7. I have seen easy off oven cleaner used with great sucsess. It sounds crazy but doesnt harm the wood or cartouches. It removes all oils from the stock. You just need to use a non abrasive cloth and rub it while you are rinsing it. Let it completely dry and then I do several coats over several days of boiled linseed oil. Just an idea. Brandon
  8. Here you go these were the only pics we had. I have been away on business for a few months and just found out it was donated to a local museum to help out around the grounds. Notice the refueling probe, if there were better pics you can really see the details. Enjoy
  9. Thats awsome we have one where I work made to look like a pavehawk helicopter. Pretty creative, lol
  10. Dont forget if the 60 D/S covers finger DZEUS breaks for any reason it turns into a flat head fastener so you can still open the cover until you change it out . Gotta love Sikorsky!! Brandon
  11. Great 151!! I hope to get one someday!! I love the name otto!! Brandon
  12. Retired, If I recall those are the NBC (nuclear, biological,chemical) filtration canisters and hoses. I also seem to remember them being light blue/grey? Hope this helps! Brandon
  13. In Iraq in 2007-2009 I used to fly into a FOB that the TOC had a weapons display. It had everything from SMLE to Russian stuff. It was amazing Im sure when we left a tank ran over them, lol Brandon
  14. Hawk, thanks thats exactly the pick I was looking for. I remember seeing a pic like it and I though it was your display but I wasnt sure. Brandon
  15. Maybe base QRF for Security Forces, ie military police. Or an Army unit substationed on there like the guard.
  16. Hawk, how do you display them at home? Id like to do the same thing with my field gear once I get a solution for display. Brandon
  17. Bud, Id look over on G503.com Look at the mule section. There are some real knowledgable guys on there. With lots of pics they can well you about what it is worth. Hope this helps. Brandon
  18. No, just when operating in the AOR. The pedro reference was her mustache. She just got back a few months ago and we left the stach on.
  19. Bud, thanks a ton for sharing!! I love hearing stories from the huey days
  20. Thought you guys might like to see a few pics of an Air Force PaveHawk ie Pave Pig, lol This is my buddies bird and she really likes to hand out the mustache rides. In the background of the first pic is my bird. Its amazing the stuff on these compared to the UH-60L that Im used to. Hope you enjoy. http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/S...2e31275b55166b6 http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/S...2e31275b55166b6 http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/S...2e31275b55166b6
  21. Awsome, glad you guys enjoyed the pics. Looks a whole lot meaner than the CH school busses we had in our battalion, lol. To think a bunch of us wanted to hang a stop sign from one in Iraq and warn to stop when lights are flashing, lol
  22. Wow, I didnt know that, Its always interesting to hear about the different airframe design changes!! Brandon :w00t:
  23. What a photo!! Those HH-43's sure were goofy little birds. If you want a few hard core combat stories with the HH-43 and many others check out Chopper by Robert F. Dorr. Its an awsome book about the istory of american military helicopter ops from ww2 to OIF/OEF. Its good to see the old predro still comes up from time to time. That Others May Live!!
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