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    military uniforms and insignia mostly army but also have
    air force and marine.
  1. dee222

    my wife

    I am sure Justene would have been as I am over whelmed by your kind words and prayer to all who took the time I say thank you , merci beaucoup , que l' amour de votre famille soient toujours avec vous. Thank you David
  2. dee222

    my wife

    If I could ask you to take a minute to remember my wife Justene who passed away on 5th Sept , she was the most beautiful French woman you ever saw, with the kindest heart of anyone I ever knew . She fought so hard against the breast cancer but was taken from us at 10.28 in the morning , so if you could spare a minute for her I would thank you. 'Dans l'amour il n'y a aucun mort'
  3. I just bought a new ABU jacket and it seems to be made of a more softer material than the others that I have was the material changed at any point also it has 2 pockets on each arm .
  4. Thanks for the help will look out for some for these now Dave
  5. A friend of mine has just come back from the U.S. he was in the Bragg area and got some acu all have there badges sewn on no velcro on them , question is how common is this now is it aloud under the regs or just tolerated . Thanks Dave
  6. dee222

    NWU question

    Hi Can any one clear this up for with regard to nwu, I have heard people talk of ARO2, nwu type2 , type3, level 6 protection , etc what I need to know is who is issued what !
  7. Can any one tell me if all U.S.Army multicam is fire proof , as I haven't seen any up close. Cheers Dave
  8. The road to hell is paved with good intentions , well it sure is in my case , a friend of my wife's son has started to collect militaria he's 15 and I was asked if I could help him out by my wife so I gave him a couple of BDU's a jungle jacket and a small ERDL shirt but as soon as he got them he put them on ebay when I saw this I wasn't a happy bunny . Now the wife is back wanting me to give him some of my WWII uniforms to him, yes I did tell her he sold the kit on ebay all she seid was it wasn't what he wanted , I told her no more as I wasn't financing his trips out with his girlfriend no
  9. thanks for info, I have the wrong stripes I have black on red
  10. Can any one tell me what color were strips for nco,s on alpha uniforms, I am restoring a 50,s uniform. thanks
  11. Thanks for comments I must say I haven't seen much of pete since, it still p's me off it would have been nice to have the grouping, that people for you.
  12. About 5 months ago I was offered a grouping for a soldier who served at nurnberg which made me site up, but the grouping was in Holland ,it belonged to a friend of my friend pete so the deal was made and as pete was going over to Holland he would collect it, so I gave him the cash(first mistake) and seid I would see him when he got back, a couple of day's later I was in the local store and much to my surprise there was pete asking about his trip he had called it off and had given the cash to a mate of his to take, anyway the cash got there and so the uniforms long trip to Scotland starte
  13. The British health and safety executive have advised that over 90% of all world war 2 gasmasks have asbestos in them and should be destroyed , all collectors are advised to double bag there masks of any period ,tape them shut and remove them to a specialist site as a result of these regulation you can not sell,display unless in a sealed container and labelled after specialist treatment or transport any item containing asbestos , any one doing so is subject to a fine or imprisonment, I have a few ww2 masks and later so I am stuffed , what is the position in the U.S. with regard to ww2 gasm
  14. Can someone on here clear this up, during recent conflicts the U.S. has used contractors for security etc ,are these in effect mercenaries and if so are these not banned by federal law, if memory serves me right this law came about after you asked the English to leave in the 1700,s due to the mercenaries used in this conflict, so can anyone clear this up for me . Thanks Dave
  15. Last night on a UK tv channel there was a show about the selection of PJ in this show the instructors were wearing airborne beret in cherry red, now has the color changed as I thought it was more a scarlet color ? cheers Dave
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