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  1. Great groups! I served with two different shipmates who "wintered-over" and had me ready to volunteer for a stint, there.
  2. This is a fantastic idea! Thank you for putting this together and for establishing a basis for such a study. My concern surrounds quantifying rarity due to its subjectivity. I don't know that I have any sort precision measurement to offer. The best approach, in my estimation is to attempt to apply numbers of sailors within each of the ratings and rates throughout their existence. However, one would also need to understand specific eras (WW, interwar, WWII, etc.) to get a better understanding of manning levels which would drive the manufacturing numbers and allow some sort of factoring as to
  3. That's a gem! The battleship squadron baseball tournaments were legendary at Guantanamo.
  4. I am sure that the veracity of the seller's piece is emboldened by selling it through Facebook Marketplace rather than to allow it to be vetted and fully researched by credible historians and sold through an auction house with at least a sliver of a positive reputation. "I for one..." is such a great way to begin a summary of a piece he's asking a mere $2.5M for. There are so many concerns about this piece.
  5. Thank you for telling such a fantastic story!
  6. Great photo showing that detail on the caps and left sleeve. A side note, this shows that the Army still had mid-1940s baseball uniforms in their system. The cut/pattern for the uniforms of that era and deeper neck drops and 6" sleeves. Thanks for sharing.
  7. These manuals are a nice piece to have. It is funny that I continue to let them slip by as I pursue other pieces. I still find them to be intriguing and I may snag one for the collection at some point.
  8. Watched it last night hoping that the typical Hollywood naval cliches would finally be eradicated. The film does jump directly into the action. You barely learn the characters' names by the credits but it didn't distract from the story. The way that the viewer is inserted into the action and story reminded me of being TAD for my first underway period. I knew a few people by name but the faces and their roles were all that mattered. While the technology used aboard the ship was archaic in terms of contemporary standards, it was certainly too advanced for 1943 standards. Those displays were esse
  9. That is a fantastic photo! The subtle baseball equipment hints that this platoon competed. I'd love to know more of their on-field actions (if that is discoverable).
  10. Tom, Thanks for the compliments on the site. Pure labor of love and an outlet for all the work that I do researching my collection pieces. The USS Phoenix group is truly historic and having the baseball jersey be a centerpiece in my future public displays will be a delight to share with visitors!
  11. Great photo! I love seeing these softball team photos! I have a few of them in my library. There is a long tradition of baseball at Coco Solo going back into the 1920! Mickey Harris was down there running baseball leagues during the war.
  12. This week has been quite a good one for this collector of baseball militaria. The arrival of this USS Phoenix (CL-46) group, headlined by the flannel that you see below, has been the realization of a dream. Being a Pac Fleet sailor with countless visits to Pearl Harbor (and subsequent visits to the USS Arizona Memorial), I have wanted to land something notable from a Pearl Harbor veteran. Having it be baseball-connected hits that desire out of the park! See more
  13. have a few cotton-duck/canvas baseball uniforms (four, I believe). This is one of my favorites. I
  14. That is damned-sexy! I would love to see the close-ups of the material, tags and buttons.
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