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  1. That is a fantastic photo! The subtle baseball equipment hints that this platoon competed. I'd love to know more of their on-field actions (if that is discoverable).
  2. Tom, Thanks for the compliments on the site. Pure labor of love and an outlet for all the work that I do researching my collection pieces. The USS Phoenix group is truly historic and having the baseball jersey be a centerpiece in my future public displays will be a delight to share with visitors!
  3. Great photo! I love seeing these softball team photos! I have a few of them in my library. There is a long tradition of baseball at Coco Solo going back into the 1920! Mickey Harris was down there running baseball leagues during the war.
  4. This week has been quite a good one for this collector of baseball militaria. The arrival of this USS Phoenix (CL-46) group, headlined by the flannel that you see below, has been the realization of a dream. Being a Pac Fleet sailor with countless visits to Pearl Harbor (and subsequent visits to the USS Arizona Memorial), I have wanted to land something notable from a Pearl Harbor veteran. Having it be baseball-connected hits that desire out of the park! See more
  5. have a few cotton-duck/canvas baseball uniforms (four, I believe). This is one of my favorites. I
  6. That is damned-sexy! I would love to see the close-ups of the material, tags and buttons.
  7. Thanks, Tom! I have been quiet on this thrread for so long and I am realizing that my baseball militaria collection has grown exponentially since my posting activity faded.
  8. Thanks! I have no provenance to tie it directly to Brancato so I can't say for certain that he wore it. The uniform was part of an estate that came out of Virginia. I know that Brancato did NOT have this in his estate (I am in communication with one of his kids) when he passed. He did have some uniforms that he sold or gave away but there is no recollection of any service-related baseball uniforms. That is not to say that I can rule him out, I just can't tie it to anyone specifically without the hard evidence.
  9. Johnny Mize in his Navy flannels, 1944.
  10. One of my recent acquisitions. 1944 Navy flannel used in the Hawaii Leagues by the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins team and possibly an All-Star game from that season. #30 was worn by former Philadelphia Athletics infielder, Al Brancato. This uniform includes the trousers. The jersey has been professionally cleaned, removing the oxidation and successfully concealing the heavy stains.
  11. Sounds good for you re-entering the insignia game. I have some TR edged weapons but that really isn't my thing. The items are my uncle's bringbacks. I will share the new items after I get them photographed (provided they arrive safely).
  12. Also, I landed a navy group that should arrive in tomorrow's mail that has me on edge. It took over a month to nail down and it finally was sent this week. I can't rest until it lands. Congrats on your return. Are you changing your focus at all?
  13. No. He couldn't. He passed away a few years before I inherited the collection. I went to high school with his daughter and she saw my collection at a public display and contacted me to ask me if I would be interested in looking at her father's collection of hundreds of rating badges ranging from the 30s-60s. Of course, I took them.
  14. I have been on here sporadically and didn't see that you returned, Jason! You can't make a clean break, can you? I have one or two of these. I got them from a long-time navy rate collector who was a retired CPO (he retired in the 1970s). Mine is/are on the lightweight cotton.
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