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    principally interested by items relative to USMC/PTO ww2, and more "modern" USMC/Army stuff (OIF/OEF)
  1. what a incredible restauration! you've some incredible skills NobleLoyalGSD T
  2. Thanks for your input patches! T
  3. Thanks for the reply! Yes, but as i asked, i search for a alternative, as i don't very like it, like many guys over there. As i read somewhere that some guys wore some alternatives hats/caps, and i would know what or if it's real, as i already observe issued baseball cap on pics of Op "Power Pack" in Dominican Rep, current 1965. And wasn't able to find pics of others caps than this model, unless early advisors years. T
  4. That's sucks really bad... I'll keep a eye open if something popped up on various websites T
  5. Hi everyone, As i says in the title, i need some help for finish a VN display, and my question will be stupid, but ... What hat/cap is possible to have for a MACV Sp4/Sp5 w/ Tropical Combat Uniform, '65/'66 period ? I know, normally, at this period, cap (hot weather) will made the deal, but as many guys back in the days, i don't like it, and would to know if a alternative is possible, like Ridgeway, M51field cap or others. And what to wear on it ? as my "guy" get his para wings, possible to have it on the cap? or just macv crest? or both? Let me know your thoughts or your advices, please. Thanks T
  6. Hi, Thanks for the help guys! As i was thinking, not a standard issue and a "early bird" T
  7. Hi everyone, I just found this jacket, a bit mess up w/usmc post war ega, but something catch my interest on this one. It's look like to be a tailor made EM service w/ a amovible wool belt. As i'm more a ike jackets collector, this one is out my era of knowlegde, and it's the fist time i see a jacket like that. If someone can tell me more about it, it would be greatly appreciate! Thanks T
  8. Hi, Someone have another exemple or input? Thanks T
  9. Wow!thanks for sharing, such a rarity, nice score! T
  10. Thanks for your input! That's very interesting, it's look like very cut down, mp just keep white letters with a little bit of background around
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