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  1. Thank you very much, They say its an "Onan CK or CCK." at the least we got the maker
  2. Hello, I found this generator at my usual supplier. It does not have the electrical parts, It has two cylinders. Can anybody ID this model? Thanks. Demirhan
  3. The fabric is definitely synthetic as you said, also very thin, almost see-through at some areas, and very light weight. Coated with some brown material from the inside. Demirhan
  4. dfdenizyaran


    Hello, I bought this raincoat a few days ago with some other overcoats. This one does not have the important tag anymore. I can see the stitch marks, but the tag is gone. What is the correct naming of it, how old do you think it is? Thanks. Demirhan
  5. Hi Steve , The project is a 1/48, non-US UH-1H gunship. The system is the same with that UH-1N picture. I have two reference pictures of the aircraft I am building, but its an old print. Demirhan.
  6. Greetings, I need information of the markings on the seven shot rocket launchers. I'm planning to built a model from late 1970's. Internet wasnt helpful. Does anybody have a museum picture of those? Thanks, Demirhan
  7. Hi, A friend of mine is working on a ship project, and asked my help about the colors, grays and the bottom red. I think he is building from the Perry Class. I mostly built land platforms, so i have no idea about the naval colors. Do any of the model paint producers (modelmaster, humbrol, tamiya) have these colors? Any FS or RAL codes are wellcomed too. Thanks in advance. Demirhan.
  8. I try not to get into modern stuff. I have seen modern but used US camo caps and backpacks, but nothing more. Local made equipment and uniforms can be found. I have some friends who are interested in airsoft, they get their repro US gear from China. Demirhan.
  9. Old military equipment is found rare, I can only purchase one or two items per month. But there is a big diversity in their origins. I have started with collecting canteens, now I have Italian, British, German, Austrian,US canteens that all were used in the armed forces at some time. To give you an opinion; I have only seen one US magazine pouch so far and bought it! Demirhan.
  10. Greetings, I recently got a US. litter. The wooden handles are missing. I am planning to make new ones. I need help about the measurements; what is the length of the handle (from the aluminum pole ends to the tip) and the minimum diameter? Paid 28$ equivalent, which is cheap, since these kind of things are hard to find in Turkey. I would also appreciate your opinions, especially about dating it. Thank You. Demirhan.
  11. Greetings, I was given a .50 cal projectile with a silver tip, I think its an armor piercing incendiary. How safe is it to keep it in the house? How is that incendiary thing work? Thanks. Demirhan
  12. Greetings fellow forum members, For a modelling project, I need side and top drawings for the M-125 truck. I am trying to understand the width difference of the cargo compartment exterior and the front mud guards. Thanks, Demirhan.
  13. Hello everyone, I wonder if someone has instructions or a template for making a cover to M-1 type helmet. im trying to restore a helmet of mine with reproducing the local made fabric cover. i was told that they were copies of US helmet covers but with a locally made camouflage fabric. Thanks. Demirhan.
  14. Hello to Everyone, I recently purchased a couple of flak vests, one of them is a 1984 PASGT kevlar vest. The vest didnt have the "use and care" booklet. I couldn't find it on internet. Does anyone have a soft copy of it, or where can i get it? Thanks DEMIRHAN.
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