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  1. They would only take a few but leave some in i think you understood that just putting it out there
  2. Thats also helpful but im saying more of war time era pieces than whats found years later but thanks for the link and the tread goes into it a bit
  3. Basically a GI carried anything he himself wanted readily available without having to dig through his gas mask bag or pack like a woman looking for her lipstick. Things like can openers, toothbrushes, shoe laces/legging laces(if a GI wore jump boots or double buckles he would have carried shoe laces instead of legging laces), pay book, id book, id card, mail, K-Ration bits, socks, translation book, jeep cap and AMMO LOTS OF AMMO. Ammo was carried within the 2 bottom waist pockets(like on marine P-41's or M-43's) or in the slit pockets of the M-41 field jacket. Testimonies of multiple vets say
  4. thank you but how would i find him like where on ebay can i find one of his hawley liners and if it makes it easy just give me a link
  5. could someone please tell me how to get one of these liners like where would i be able to find them or contact rob lihani
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