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  1. It did not work fir me. I tried numerous times on my iPad. “Safari can not open the page.” This occurs after I choose the pictures to resize. Also the message, “The error was: The operation could not be completed.” Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your answer. Jeff
  2. I have this patch which I believe to be a squadron patch. I would appreciate any specifics for it and possible time period. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. Jeff
  3. Thank you for this information. I looked up “PIT ACO” and thought it was something completely different. Jeff
  4. Im looking to get information from whats written on this flag. Im guessing Iraq or Afghanistan time period. Written on the flag: Dogs of War 11 Charlie 1st PIT ACO 1/38th Infantry Thank you in advance for any information to go along with item. Jeff
  5. RA Oscar H. Dodson appears to be another match. Again, thank you! Jeff
  6. My wife just got William Stevens Lawton too!! Thanks for confirming! Jeff
  7. I have a couple General Officers I am unable to identify. The 2nd Officer is Signed with a black ink on a black background. Im hoping someone may see something to help with putting a name with a picture. Thank you in advance with any suggestions. Jeff
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