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    WWI / WWII USMC items, especially named / unit-marked pieces.

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  1. Kudos to “63 Recon” for actually having the sand to post a name. I’ve been doing this a long time, and - for the life of me - never understand the reluctance to name sources. Chalk letters on random mailboxes helps no one. People want to post items to either get kudos, or get opinions to protect themselves; but then won’t try to help others. I don’t get it.
  2. Good morning my friends, I hope everyone had a good weekend. If you get the time, and the gumption, I would really appreciate opinions on this patch - as to its originality. Thank you.
  3. “Skill is Strength” is the 293rd Engineer Battalion
  4. Did you even do a web search on any of these? LOL. The ones with mottos on them are easy. ”Evacuare” is the 115th Field Hospital ”Semel Et Simul” is the 78th Field Artillery I suspect the ASMIC guys can ID most of these off the tops of their heads. Good luck.
  5. That is a clean gorgeous example, thank you. While the condition isn’t as nice, here is my Italian-made example. I don’t see a lot of the DAF insignia.
  6. 100% agree, unless he got busted from officer to enlisted, and operated under a pseudonym out of shame. (joking by the way)
  7. Looks like maybe “L E T T A C ? ?” When I zoom in, the image starts to dither due to low resolution. I am pretty sure I could make that out with a better pic.
  8. What is the text on the ribbon, below the crest? Hard to read.
  9. How about the diamonds (rotated squares) aren’t square?
  10. No offense, but this response struck me as interesting in its own right - maybe indicative of the era of social media / the need for views, likes, etc. How are you gauging interest? Not enough people commenting / telling you how cool your stuff is? I’ve noticed a bit of a phenomenon during the Covid / stay-at-home time: It seems like people are getting saturated with screen time. I wouldn’t take it personally, I just think folks are getting numb to content to some extent. It’s all starting to look the same...🙃
  11. I agree Allan. The sheen / finish, as well as the relative crudeness of the casting, makes it look like a modern example to me.
  12. The cover is original Korean War era.
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