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  1. Lightly used. I have a mint lid and there's still a touch of cardboard on the top from storage.
  2. Just want to see if I'm correct in my research. Found this in a pile of stuff, looks like maybe a WWII silver serving utensil? Measures about 12 inches overall.
  3. The person I bought it from got it from the family. According to the family it was brought home for the vet's son. At least thats the story.
  4. Quick and dirty comparison of the jacket with a second pattern medium long jungle jacket under it.
  5. Allan, believe me, a lot of the usual Japanese clothing buyers have asked/offered. If it wasn't sized for maybe a five year old, I might have more temptation to sell it. This thing is very tiny. That was what caught my eye. The dealer/collector I bought it from saw it as worthless, so it was an easy purchase.
  6. Hey all. I've had this in my collection for a while year now. Brought back for the vet's son in '65. This is the current favorite of my collection. Used to draw lots of compliments when I would bring it to shows.
  7. Saw your posts on the FB pages. I completely agree! It's a little harder to find, but they're still there! Great finds!
  8. I've parted with a couple since then. Here's one I pulled from there, both pockets were done the same. Well sewn to the sleeves with some reenforcement. I believe the velcro was all sewn as well. I'll try to dig my others out this week.
  9. Thanks! I've bought many uniforms from the same store, very few are modified, most are run of the mill. This one threw me off for a moment just because it wasn't the kind of stuff I'd pulled from there before.
  10. This piece came out of San Diego about a year ago. I threw it in my closet and forgot about it until today. I bought a couple modified DCUs along with it. Sorry about the poor lighting, just couldn't seem to get it to work. It may be hard to see in my poor photos, but the pockets were very clearly removed from their original location at the bottom of the jacket.
  11. Thanks to all who attended RVN '69! Fun was had by all. Here are some photos from the event. Gearing up On patrol After patrol through the "jungle".
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