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  1. What a year 2020 has been... The good news is, things are looking better. I have been working on the 2021 Battle Plan (calendar of military relic shows) It's available online (free...no registering or insidious web tricks!). The link is: https://www.militarytrader.com/calendars/military-trader-show-calendar Drop me a note if you know of events that should be included but aren't on the list. Keep on collecting! John A-G Editor, MT jadams-graf@aimmedia.com
  2. Greetings, John A-G here (editor, Military Vehicles Magazine). I have been goofing around with a "quiz" software package that the owners made available. I created a "Test your Jeep Knowledge" Quiz. If you are game, I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Good luck! Do you know your Jeeps? Take MVM's Jeep Quiz Keep em rolling, John
  3. Jeff is this the same show: VA, Woodbridge. Militaria Show, Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton VFD Firehall, 1306 “F” Street. Or is that a different one? Thanks. Be well! John
  4. Owen and Sgt...I did not KNOW that their was a uniform in the pattern, as well. That is VERY cool! Thank you for sharing!
  5. I have been gathering more photos and updating an article that Chris Causley wrote for Military Vehicles Magazine a few years ago. https://www.militarytrader.com/mv-101/dual-texture-gradient-camouflage-pattern Does anyone have any more photos of this unusual pattern in use? Apparently, it was being tested in Germany by 2nd Armored Cavalry, around 1979 and into the 1980s. Here's a monument Chaffee that the 2nd Cav had painted. Keep 'em rolling, John
  6. You are all VERY welcome...Took a bit of arm-twisting with the boss! Be well, be safe. Keep 'em rolling, John
  7. Remaining sheltered? Well, enjoy a FREE ISSUE OF MILITARY VEHICLES MAGAZINE We are all in this together. We are all “distancing,” but that doesn’t mean we haven’t lost our interest in historic military vehicles. SO, we want to help keep you connected to the hobby by giving you a FREE digital copy of our Spring 2020 Military Vehicles Magazine. This special issue features: *Complete Dealer Directory, *Buyer’s Guide to top 17 historic military vehicles, *an expose’ on the Alvis Stalwart--a BEAST of a vehicle, *and great stories and pho
  8. Sorry to say, several more additions to the list today: https://www.militarytrader.com/mv-101/cancelled-military-shows As you hear of more, let me know. I will keep the list up-to-date: jadams-graf@aimmedia.com Be safe, Be well. Preserve the Memories. JAG
  9. Thanks for the intel, Mike and Bill. List updated. https://www.militarytrader.com/mv-101/cancelled-military-shows Bookmark and keep checking back to see what shows are CANCELLED or RESCHEDULED.
  10. Sadly, many more shows added to the list: https://www.militarytrader.com/mv-101/cancelled-military-shows
  11. I am keeping an up-to-date list of all cancelled shows for quick reference. I figured it would be useful to all. https://www.militarytrader.com/mv-101/cancelled-military-shows Let me know if you hear of any more cancellations, and I will update ASAP. Email new info to me at: jadams-graf@aimmedia.com Be well. Preserve the Memories, JAG
  12. Holy crap! I am devastated to learn about Roger's passing. Roger has been my publishing hero. Since I was about 20 years old, I have said, "When I grow up, I want to be Roger Bender." Such a prince of a man and so committed to our hobby. The world will be different without Roger. John Adams-Graf Editor, Military Trader and Military Vehicles Magazine
  13. ATB is correct. This is the first design of the 2nd Infantry Regiment DUI that was approved on 20 February 1920. That design was replaced by the 2nd's current design on 19 June 1936. JAG
  14. It is not British. It is a 2nd Infantry Regiment patch from the Interwar period. After being assigned to the 19th Infantry Division, the 2nd Infantry Regiment, Regular Army, provided cadres NCOs and privates to form the 35th and 36th Regiments. Here is an example of the patch on a uniform sold by AGM in 2008: JAG
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