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  1. Away All Boats w/ Jeff Chandler, Richard Boone and a VERY young Clint Eastwood.
  2. Father Goose w/ Cary Grant & Trevor Howard. Ignore--I hadnt been aware already answered,
  3. An episode from: The Twilight Zone-called: Still Valley. The actor who is the Confederate Sergeant--is Gary Merrill.
  4. Escape From Ft. Bravo w/ Williams: Holden, Demarrest and Campbell. Pls disregard--didnt see the other person reply first.
  5. Battle Circus--which is now out on DvD.
  6. The Search w/ Montgomery Clift. Excellent film BTW.
  7. Just heard Brad Pitt will be starring.
  8. Ill be looking forward to watching this on the big screen.
  9. Id post all the TLD images I have but--trouble on my photo accounts site.
  10. My PB account will not let me post them any other way other than cut and pasting. I have several more from the series but not yet on CD.
  11. If The Gallant Men had lasted as long as COMBAT--it could ahve been a very close call because-as I watched the series--it was slowly coming into its "own" and was not a terrible series though most of the cast was basically "untested and unknown." However, COMBAT would have still been my favorite of the two. I have a few stills from COMBAT and ill see if I can get them to post?
  12. Dont know if you awarded this one already but-the title of the episode is: The 7th is made up of phantoms. Also is one of my all time most favorite TZ eps.
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