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  1. Here is a MC on sets of US ribbons. WW1 and WW2.
  2. Hi Dirk, That is a wonderful display with great items! Thanks for sharing it with us. The frame is really beautiful. Dick
  3. Alonzo Coy's wife of twenty years died in April of 1862. I imagine that he may have been severely depressed over the loss of his wife when he had the $1000.00 stolen. A $1000.00 was worth $32,000.00 today. A lot of money which must have been the tipping point.
  4. First Lieutenant Alonzo Coy was born in New Hampshire in 1815. He owned, with his brother, the H.C. & A. Coy Trucking Establishment, 32 South Market Street, Boston, Massachusetts which they sold in February, 1843. Coy was elected Captain of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts in 1844. Also known as the Washington Light Guard it is the oldest chartered military company in North America. He served in the War with Mexico with the First Massachusetts Regiment. The regiment remained in rear-area garrison duty through most of the war, finally arriving in Mexico City afte
  5. That is a beautiful war time ID shield. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  6. The object pictured is indeed a comb. Actually two combs that lock together. Here also is a picture of the reverse of the Corps Cross. The pin is a simple coiled piece of brass soldered to the back. the chain is also brass. The "6" may be a low karat gold. I believe the Corps Badge is post war GAR. The cross was obviously created by a local jeweler with limited skills but I like it for that reason.
  7. Thomas Murray Laney M.D was born on the west branch of the Susquehanna River in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, on January 4, 1828. He and his twin brother Joseph were the youngest of ten children. The two twins served on opposite sides in the Civil War. Joseph, a dentist, was a Confederate officer and Thomas, a physician, fought for the Union. They reportedly never spoke to each other after the war. His early education was acquired in Columbia County, Pennsylvania. In 1849 he began the study of medicine in Greenville, Pennsylvania. He took his first course of lectures during the winter
  8. Robert N. Eagle was born in New York on October 23, 1818. He served as a volunteer in the war with Mexico, as a Private in Co. E, Captain Archers 1st Regiment of Virginia Volunteers on December 15, 1846. He was transferred to Captain Mears Company of Arkansas Cavalry in February of 1848. He served for the duration of the war under Captain Mears and was honorably discharged at Camargo in June 1848. Eagle was later appointed a First Lieutenant in the newly formed Second Cavalry (Jeff Davis’s Own) on March 3, 1855. Secretary of War Davis filled the cavalry regiment with southerners, under the co
  9. Hi Mike and Kyle, From everything I have found out about the group it seems the mini ball is the one that wounded him. I also believe that the Corps badges are GAR post war pieces. Dick
  10. Thanks for the replies. I traded for part of the group and bought the rest from the dealer who split up the group. There were a few things that I didn't buy like some signed books but I got the important items. Dick
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