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  1. Here is the certificate awarded for Meritorious Service which became a Meritorious Purple Heart.
  2. Hi Steve, Thank you for the information on Lt. Coy. I got his records from the National Archives and there was information on the service in the Mexican War. However I can't remember what that was. I have the records on all of my groups and they are buried in a closet. The money was from being Quartermaster. I have several different accounts including letters from his file regarding the investigation of his death. He was offered the rank of Captain but turned it down. Dick
  3. Herman C. Demme was born in Germany in 1839. He enlisted for three months in Company G, 22nd Pennsylvania Volunteers on April 23, 1861, and was discharged on August 7, 1861. In May, the regiment was ordered to Baltimore. They encamped at Locust Point, Patterson's Park, and Mount Clare. They performed guard and police duty in Baltimore until mustered out on August 7 at Philadelphia. Demme then enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on March 27, 1862. He served at the Marine Barracks Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, and the Marine Barracks at Gosport and Norfolk Station, Virginia. Demme was muster
  4. Charles Kinnard Graham, was born in the Ninth Ward, New York City, on June 3, 1824. In 1841 he was appointed midshipman in the United States Navy and served in the Gulf of Mexico during the Mexican War. After the war he studied both law and civil engineering. In 1857 he was appointed constructing engineer of the Brooklyn Navy Yard where he supervised construction of the city docks and landings. Graham also helped plan New York City’s Central Park. In 1861, when the Civil War broke out, he joined the 74th New York Infantry Regiment, together with 400 other men employed in the navy yards. He sub
  5. Here is a MC on sets of US ribbons. WW1 and WW2.
  6. Hi Dirk, That is a wonderful display with great items! Thanks for sharing it with us. The frame is really beautiful. Dick
  7. Alonzo Coy's wife of twenty years died in April of 1862. I imagine that he may have been severely depressed over the loss of his wife when he had the $1000.00 stolen. A $1000.00 was worth $32,000.00 today. A lot of money which must have been the tipping point.
  8. First Lieutenant Alonzo Coy was born in New Hampshire in 1815. He owned, with his brother, the H.C. & A. Coy Trucking Establishment, 32 South Market Street, Boston, Massachusetts which they sold in February, 1843. Coy was elected Captain of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts in 1844. Also known as the Washington Light Guard it is the oldest chartered military company in North America. He served in the War with Mexico with the First Massachusetts Regiment. The regiment remained in rear-area garrison duty through most of the war, finally arriving in Mexico City afte
  9. That is a beautiful war time ID shield. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  10. The object pictured is indeed a comb. Actually two combs that lock together. Here also is a picture of the reverse of the Corps Cross. The pin is a simple coiled piece of brass soldered to the back. the chain is also brass. The "6" may be a low karat gold. I believe the Corps Badge is post war GAR. The cross was obviously created by a local jeweler with limited skills but I like it for that reason.
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