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  1. Nice group of original WWII German Kriegsmarine rates.
  2. It is a Pre WWII German fire helmet, if you do a google search for "Imperial German Fire Helmet" you will find many similar examples.
  3. The May 8-10 Allentown Pennsylvania Gun Show has been canceled
  4. No, while the buttons are certainly Civil War, the tunic is basically a Model 1872 artillery dress tunic with some differences, such as the gold tape on the front, 8 buttons as opposed to 9 buttons on a regulation Federal tunic and white cord trim around the collar. It is, most likely, a state issued tunic following the general style of the Federal issue.
  5. Being sold at auction in May. https://www.poulinauctions.com/finest-most-historic-confederate-battle-flag-to-ever-be-offered-at-auction/
  6. Glad that you all like the wing, came in with an older collection of insignia.
  7. This is the announcement from the show today. From the: Maryland Arms Collectors Association, Inc. (MACA) Regarding the MACA “Baltimore Show” or Maryland Arms Collectors Antique Arms Show: THE “2020 BALTIMORE SHOW” REMAINS SCHEDULED AS IN PAST YEARS! Several of our exhibitors have heard that MACA is cancelling our “2020 Baltimore Show”. This is not true. Undoubtedly, you are as concerned as we about the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its potential impact on public gatherings. We have not been advised by health professionals, that it would be in the public’s interest to cancel our show. At this writing there is no indication that MACA will cancel the show. However, given the evolving nature of this situation, the MACA Show Committee will continue to monitor public heath directives and follow best practices for determining a decision to cancel or implement necessary precautions. Your best sources of up-to-date information on the outbreak are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization.
  8. It is the Korean Army 20th Mechanized Infantry patch.
  9. Here is the Morphy listing: The following garrison caps have had names added to the sweatbands, while the caps are original we are of the opinion that the names have been added post period. (A) Enlisted Air Force cap with the name "Col. P.W. Tibbets" embossed on the sweatband. ( Officer's cap named "I.D. White" on the sweatband, left side with major general's insignia. © Officer's cap with "L.T. Gerow" embossed on the sweatband, left side with General's star pinned to it. (D) Officer's cap with sweatband embossed "G.S. Patton Jr", left side with three small clutch-back stars. (E) Enlisted cap, sweatband embossed "Gavin, James M", the left side with two British-made pinback stars. (F) Black US Navy cap embossed on the leather sweatband "W.F. Halsey, Jr", left side pinned with US Navy officers insignia and 1-1/2" naval aviator's wing, the right side with a five star Fleet Admiral insignia. (G) Tan US Navy cap inked on the interior "W.F. Halsey", pinned on the left side are a US Navy officer's insignia and a 1-1/2" naval aviators wing, on the right side an Admiral's insignia. Included in the lot are: (H) World War I period yellow piped cap with Captain's insignia on left side. (I) Grey US Navy officer's cap with 1-1/2" naval aviator's wing on the left side and Fleet Admiral insignia on the right side. (J) 1960's gold-piped cap pinned with a General's insignia on the left side, accompanying the cap is a letter dated 2002 stating that the cap was donated to the National Vietnam War Museum by General William Westmoreland in 1990. (K) US Army metal vehicle plate, the front with two applied silver metal stars, the reverse spuriously stenciled "Gavin, James M" in white paint. (L) US Army metal vehicle plate, the front with three applied silver metal stars, the reverse spuriously stenciled "Bradley O 0-3307, Headquarters" in white paint. (M) US Army metal vehicle plate with two white stars painted on the front. (N) Reproduction USS Bang "kill" flag, cotton, measuring 27" X 40". (O) Reproduction USS Besugo "kill" flag, cotton, measuring 27" X 42". CONDITION: All in very good to excellent condition. DG
  10. This submarine flag was sold on eBay on Jan 1 with this title "Scarce WW 2 US Navy Submarine Victory Battle Flag, (SS-321) USS Besugo" for 485.00 with 25 bids. He does put a disclaimer, saying that you should be the judge. The problem is that it sold in December at Morphy auction clearly stating that it was a reproduction. I previewed the auction, the colors were applied using magic markers and the threads glowed.
  11. A nice set! I have always liked the Model 1872 knots, considering how long they were in use, they are not easy to find.
  12. Very nice original 92nd Division artillery patch.
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