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  1. Wharf master Wc doesn't stand for weapons carrier so you know. W was the designation for 1941 trucks and the designation carried on past 41 and c 1/2 ton even though 42-45 trucks that where over 1/2 ton used them. So you know trying to be informative
  2. Havent been on in awhile but wondering who else has more than 5 carts. I know Robin, Craig and Jonah have several carts in their collections. I have an USMC, T4e1, 3 M3a4s, m1a1 chemical mortar, m1 bomb truck, m9a2, quarter master, and an rl35. I think its only 10 carts right now sorta lost count.
  3. Was this Littlefields? I know he had one in his museum
  4. what month of 42? I have a March 42 gpw currently I am restoring slowly and when I get money. I also have a 43 Mb and a 45 Mb both Marine Corps
  5. class of 2002 here. My project was building shelving units in a church.
  6. cj2a hood also. My guess it is a cj2a
  7. I create fake items at work all the time for amusement parks and other clients. I haven't made any fake helmets yet but that being said there are paints available at hardware stores that use real metal to create rust streaks. I helped paint a fiberglass model t body a few years ago. At a few car shows I have had well known hot rod builders and even a certain hot rod magazine staff look at it. They couldn't believe we found a body in that good of shape with rust streaks coming through the paint like it does. We tell them to tap the side and they are shocked it isn't metal. There is all sorts of tricks to age items these days. You have to be very careful.
  8. I have done it a few times myself. Its pretty easy if you have PhotoShop or a like program
  9. I know a person on etsy that put Winnie the Pooh on a piece he made. Disney went through etsy and threatened to sue the website unless they had banned everyone that used Disney images. On the other hand I work for a company that has a licensing agreement with Disney. I have been trying to convince them to do pieces with military insignia on them. My job is making Disney redwood carvings for a living currently.
  10. Also remembered there is a barrel from the Missouri at Fort Mason
  11. there is 4 other WWII vessels you can tour near by. Hornet, Red Oak Victory, a destroyer in Vallejo at Mare Island and FDRs yacht in Jack London square.
  12. I can say it was really rough with many layers of paint. Robin beat me to buying it at the show
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