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  1. Ones semi presentable and complete. Can use some paint, other will be sold off it's semi complete and restorable
  2. My pair of Clark's will be here in a few days they got loaded up this morning and are heading across the country right now
  3. Aznation it's funny you had a picture of that one. I actually bought it from a guy who bought in Oklahoma earlier this year
  4. Just bought another pair of them the other day
  5. Here's mine. Actually bought two more a parts and a mostly complete one
  6. Picked one up last month and seeing if anyone else has one
  7. Wharf master Wc doesn't stand for weapons carrier so you know. W was the designation for 1941 trucks and the designation carried on past 41 and c 1/2 ton even though 42-45 trucks that where over 1/2 ton used them. So you know trying to be informative
  8. Havent been on in awhile but wondering who else has more than 5 carts. I know Robin, Craig and Jonah have several carts in their collections. I have an USMC, T4e1, 3 M3a4s, m1a1 chemical mortar, m1 bomb truck, m9a2, quarter master, and an rl35. I think its only 10 carts right now sorta lost count.
  9. Was this Littlefields? I know he had one in his museum
  10. what month of 42? I have a March 42 gpw currently I am restoring slowly and when I get money. I also have a 43 Mb and a 45 Mb both Marine Corps
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