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  1. hi , I remember reading that in the Phillapines our troops armed with Krags reversed the bullets against the Moros
  2. well someday , right now , I look after mom and pop , happy
  3. hi guys , many thanks, can you post a picture of the SRU-21 vest , I donot beleive I have ever seen one ?? happy
  4. abosuletly outstanding pictures , if they ( political crooks ) would allow me to own a chopper ( thompson ) in NY :crying:
  5. hi , how did post WW2 pilots/ flightcrew carry extra ammo , except for the USN shoulder holster on a posted below , that has ammo loops , how did they carry ammo ?? happpy
  6. hi , I will post a picture of my model 1917 , it has a odd stamp on the reciever and stock a capital "C " with a arrow head inside any ideas ?? happy
  7. hi charlie, I glad i donnot meet you in the woods, happy
  8. howdy , does anyone make a repro helmut net , I would really like to get one for my M1 helmut, please post , happy
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