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  1. howdy , no m84 scopes ??

    , sorry could not resist , really great set of scopes , happy


    I thought I would put out a little tease for every one. These all come from the same source over a period of 3 years. The first one I took out of the green greased wax paper. I has never had rings on it. The other 2 have the ring mounting screws staked into place.





  2. howdy , just another quick shot in the Sandpepples , Steve McQueen adjusts his rear sight on the 1903 springfiel to shoot Mako did you guys see that evalution ??




    hi Vic , did you notice the colt Pocket Pistol in the astrnaut gear in planet of the apes ??


  3. hi Vic , did you notice the colt Pocket Pistol in the astrnaut gear in planet of the apes ??


    Great movie !! I'd like to see it again in its full length and restored beauty !!


    Man...I remember seeing Sand Pebbles, Lawrence of Arabia, and Sound of Music in the theatre with intermissions !! And don't forget some other Charlton Heston "Road Show" movies that had intermissions...Ben Hur (another fav) and The 10 Commandments !! Ahhh the good ole days !!


    Charlton Heston was a great guy ! I met him on several occasions and we talked quite a bit about some of my favorite Heston flicks like Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green and The Warlord. I loved Will Penny too...it was one of his personal favorites as well.


    What can I say...I was a fan !!





  4. hie guys , well i got a blast form 55 days in peking , a liitle broadcast movie is Marine Raiders , any thoughts , I really liked its the only WW2 movie to show the use of reising autos in WW2.

    Robert Ryan , a real WW@ marine really luve the Japs , great WW2 flick, happy

  5. wow



    They're great folks too. When I ordered the German helmet liner, it took a little just a little while (nothing unreasonable at all) and I just checked up on it, they responded promptly and let me know that paint was dring on the split pins they paint feldgrau. Great customer service.
  6. howdy guys , great I knew somrone had to make one , many thanks, happy

    so how the weather out there its snowing in NY



    I'd recommend Prairie Flower too. I bought a junk shell for my project, painted it, and used their liner. Great people to work with, the liner is pretty good, too. Only "off" thing is that black tar cloth, or whatever it is in the originals. I suspect they don't even make it anymore, but their version carried off the look really well. I also put one of their liners in my M1916 Stalhelm.
  7. wow , really neat , wish I had one, happy


    They were not made for long distance shooting. They were made for night time ambush and I have read many accounts of this use in Korea. I would put it on Ebay as that would be the best place to get the most for it. All the one's I recall seeing listed sold for over 1000.00. :thumbsup:
  8. hi paul , I will try today to take a picture of my sling , which may be a repro as it is Khaki, a lot lighter in color than the one you have picture, happy



    Check my post a few above yours. I reposted the picture via photobucket - I can't see it because work IT blocks photobucket, among others. Let me know if you can see it.


    As to, is it khaki or OD? It is OD3, which is I believe commonly called khaki among collectors of WW2 USGI items. It is not dark olive green like OD7, though. But it isn't khaki as seen on a pair of pants from The Gap, either.

  9. hi , can you repost the picture of the web sling ??

    is it khaki or olive drab ??/



    Hank was born and spent his younger years in the same town that my dad grew up - Larksville PA. Do you know what street he lived on there?
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