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  1. hi guys , what about the M1-D , the silcencer on m1 carbine and 1911 , good movie will have to dig out the vhs tonite, happy
  2. howdy , no m84 scopes ?? , sorry could not resist , really great set of scopes , happy
  3. hi , have you guys , ever seen Ambush Bay with Hugh Obrien ,?? there a Marine sniper with a M1-D with the scope on cocked eyed , its not straight , opps , that why he mised the Japs , ?? happy
  4. howdy , just another quick shot in the Sandpepples , Steve McQueen adjusts his rear sight on the 1903 springfiel to shoot Mako did you guys see that evalution ?? happy
  5. hi Vic , did you notice the colt Pocket Pistol in the astrnaut gear in planet of the apes ?? happy
  6. hie guys , well i got a blast form 55 days in peking , a liitle broadcast movie is Marine Raiders , any thoughts , I really liked its the only WW2 movie to show the use of reising autos in WW2. Robert Ryan , a real WW@ marine really luve the Japs , great WW2 flick, happy
  7. howdy guys , i will search for the article , if I remeber they were 125 gr hp remington 38 special issed to flight crews , happy
  8. howdy guys , great I knew somrone had to make one , many thanks, happy so how the weather out there its snowing in NY
  9. howdy was hollow point ammo issued in Viet Nam war ?? i thought I once read a article saying it was issued by the USAF , please post, happy
  10. wow , really neat , wish I had one, happy
  11. hi , does anybody make a liner for a WWW1 helmut?? please post , happy
  12. hi guys , thats it , just what i require while mowing the lawn wearing my model 1923 web belt , many thanks, happy
  13. hi paul , I will try today to take a picture of my sling , which may be a repro as it is Khaki, a lot lighter in color than the one you have picture, happy
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