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  1. Take a look at the new additions just posted today at www.fallscreekcollectibles.com
  2. Just posted a couple smalls today at www.fallscreekcollectibles.com
  3. In that condition...less than 5 bucks.
  4. Jay, that's a post WW2 piece because of the knob on the planchet. Maybe 1970s. The earlier ones had a ring planchet.
  5. Thanks Bob. So much for that myth☺️
  6. I read in a patch book sometime ago that the more oval shaped WW2 embroidered SSI's were British made. Can anymore verify that as fact or fiction? Here's a couple examples of the more oval shaped ones with the standard US round patch below.
  7. Just posted new material at www.fallscreekcollectibles.com Take a look when you get a chance.
  8. Just updated the site with some new items. Take a look when you get time at www.fallscreekcollectibles.com
  9. Looks good. Don't see any issues.
  10. Just added a few new items for your consideration at www.fallscreekcollectibles.com
  11. Just added a few more nice items and groupings. Take a look when you get time.
  12. I don't think I would have ever found an ID on these without your help. Thank you!
  13. Any ideas on these 2? National Guard, State Militia? Never seen them before.
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