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  1. What a great flag by a famous US maker. I think you're exactly right about it's use.
  2. Yes, my Cubi Point buckle looks to be the same as your large one. I believe the first Seabees arrived to build Cubi in 1951.
  3. Happy New Year to everyone! This is my first update of 2021 with lots of new items. Wishing everyone a safe and military collectible filled New Year!
  4. If your friend took good photos of his merchandise and followed ebay's procedures he can challenge the returns and win. This has happened to me more than once. There are many dishonest buyers and sellers on ebay and you have to protect yourself.
  5. Andrew, what a great family story and heirloom. I have great memories of Yokosuka, Japan and wish I could have been there to hear you Dad's band play. Darn! I missed him by two decades...
  6. Amazing group! Really enjoyed seeing it. What a time to be a sailor!!!
  7. Cool stuff beerdragon! I enjoy looking at all your loot. Thanks for the posts.
  8. Just added a couple new items. Take a look if you get time.
  9. Interesting. Thank you. That gives me a direction to look.
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