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  1. Just posted lots of new material for you to look over.
  2. I love these French ones Chris. Every time I've had one on a uniform it turned out to have an interesting story. Really appreciate you posting some fantastic wings even though I don't always post a response. Mostly because I'm speechless🙂
  3. Server seems to be having some problems bring up my site. Check back and the problem should be fixed soon...I hope🤔
  4. This display was built around a uniform group to a soldier who served with HQ Company, 364th Infantry, 91st Division. His painted gas mask is my favorite item but a close second are the matching 364th Infantry shell casings. He was from my hometown of Great Falls, Montana.
  5. Very thin stamping it you compare it to other collar disks.
  6. Looks French made and from the period, but have not seen this style before.
  7. Thanks for the kind comments. You're right Kevin, never get tired of relaxing in the morning with a cup of coffee surrounded by history before rejoining the rat race🙂
  8. This display consists of items I've collected over almost 50 years. The helmets came from a 17th Co., 5th Marine Regiment Vet and were on display at a local dry cleaners when I was just a kid. I finally talked the owner into selling them to me before I went off to the Navy. There's also a nice shell casing to a Motor Truck Company soldier and a couple 91st Division casings. I just like how it looks put together on my shelf.
  9. Very interesting story! Thank you for the whole story of one of the more interesting military wing and badge makers.
  10. Just posted new items on my website www.fallscreekcollectibles.com
  11. How about the thickness of these. I didn't mean to imply mine were Robbins, only they had some similar characteristics. I haven't seen too many WW2 wings that were as thick as the ones I posted. They are really meaty!
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