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  1. I bought these from an ex Supply Sergeant, some really interesting ones in here, many foreign made
  2. I bought what was listed as a “repro ww2 velvet” patch. It’s not WW2, but it is some of the nicest embroidery I’ve seen, particularly in the feathers and eye. One piece velvet, chain-stitched border and cheesecloth backed. The guys on another Vietnam board loved it, but nobody there or the USMF FB page has a guess on where it was made. Any input appreciated, I haven’t seen another like it.
  3. I’ve been looking for these for years, and found two in one week. The Santo Domingo poster is a propaganda poster by Alfredo Rostgaard, a pro-Castro Cuban illustrator. All the Che Guevara pop art on t- shirts and posters originated from his work. Originals are very rare. June 14 Rebels Dominican anti-US poster. After years of looking, this is the only one I’ve come across. The only other one I’ve ever seen is in the Operation Power Pack tour book.
  4. If you never found it, Billy Causey is a Cobra legend in my mind, I can give you more info if you still need it
  5. Thanks guys, I feel a lot better about my purchase price for the group, it’s a keeper
  6. I picked this up in a large pile from a guy I believe was a Supply Sergeant. I know it’s right as rain, but I’m getting differing info on my research: I’ve read that the lettering was done in-country, but was also told the entire patch was made in country. I hate to ask, but I can’t find another original for sale and paid a lot for the pile and wondering how deep in I am. I’m keeping it but if I had to sell, fair price?
  7. I usually post on the FB page, but I wanted more eyes on this one - I work for an auction company and most people there know I like militaria. I'm just about to start working when a guy taps me on the shoulder and asks if I'd be interested in his uncle's helmet. A very early fixed bail (lot 61A) with first pattern Hawley - the front of the helmet has "H305" stenciled on it and the motto "Buaidh No Bas" - Victory Or Death with what sort of looks like a burning skull. I know it's a Scottish Clan motto as well as the motto of the 32nd Armored Regiment - Any guesses on the H305? I bought it
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