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  1. I usually post on the FB page, but I wanted more eyes on this one - I work for an auction company and most people there know I like militaria. I'm just about to start working when a guy taps me on the shoulder and asks if I'd be interested in his uncle's helmet. A very early fixed bail (lot 61A) with first pattern Hawley - the front of the helmet has "H305" stenciled on it and the motto "Buaidh No Bas" - Victory Or Death with what sort of looks like a burning skull. I know it's a Scottish Clan motto as well as the motto of the 32nd Armored Regiment - Any guesses on the H305? I bought it very reasonably, it is pretty amazing in person and looks right as rain.
  2. I post more often on the FB page, but this one really left me slack-jawed, all from one Marine. Includes the extremely hard to find transitional frogskin camo cover and (likely) Vietnamese-made Rigger wings. I'm still sorting through it all.
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